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Sphere of Magic
Sphere of Magic

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Area Note

You'll find several jugs in the area. Most are regular containers, but some also have special properties, like the one that advances your level. You should find the golden keys you need on the ground and on enemy bees / wasps, but failing that complete the quest introduced at #2 and then turn on your allies to see if they have a key.

1 - Jug and Key

The jug is unlocked by the key at #1a.

2 - Decision

Not far into the garden you'll be approached by Lysandra, the queen of the bees, and Ragon, an arch mage who is currently a wasp. Both representatives will ask you for your help, and they'll both offer you the key to Antx's house (#11) if you choose their side. It doesn't make much difference which one you pick. The bees will give you 30,000 experience and a point of "aura of command" if you kill the wasps without killing any bees, and the wasps will give you 46,000 experience if you kill the bees without killing any wasps.

Note: It's difficult to tell, but it also appears the bees will give you a free skill point if you help them.

3 - Jug and Key

4 - Jug and Key

This jug will also teleport you to the pond to the north.

5 - Jug

The key for this jug should be on an enemy bee / wasp.

6 - Jug

The key for this jug should be on an enemy bee / wasp.

This jug will also give you enough experience to gain a level. If you're close to a level anyway, then you might want to drag the jug into your inventory and open it later.

7 - Jug and Key

8 - Jug

This jug can't be opened. It seems to be bugged. There are six jugs and six golden keys in the area, but the two that should match up here don't.

9 - Final Battle

Depending on which side you supported, you'll either fight Lysandra or Ragon here, and then talk to the other one to complete the quest. You should also pick up the key to Antx's house (#11), either as part of the reward or from Lysandra's corpse.

10 - Jug and Key

When you open this chest, the (level 31) Angel of Revenge will appear and attack you. Even though the angel looks like a lich, it can be frozen with the "freeze" spell.

11 - Antx's House

When you talk to Antx he'll agree to join the Council of Seven, and you'll earn 130,000 experience and lose 2 reputation points. Then just click on the crystal ball he gives you to return to the Ducal Inn.