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Level 1
Level 1

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1 - Cell with Equipment

The cell is locked, but you can find the key in a nearby cell (#2).

2 - Cell with Key

3 - Health Shrine

Clicking on the shrine will restore you to full health. After a while the shrine will replenish itself.

4 - Mana Shrine

Clicking on the shrine will restore your magic points. After a while the shrine will replenish itself.

5 - Scorpion Room

You'll find a lot of gems and scorpions in the room. To move through the room, click on the lever outside the eastern part of the room to unlock the western door, and then click on the lever inside the room to unlock the eastern door.

6 - Ceremony Room

To complete the ceremony and make the stairs leading to level 2 appear, all you have to do is click on the book in the stand and then repeat the correct phrase (the middle one). If you say the wrong phrase, then you'll be attacked by a group of undead, but you'll gain some extra experience.

7 - Locked Door and Lever

The lever (#7a) unlocks the door (#7).

8 - Secret Room

When you enter the secret room (you'll have to move a bunch of barrels out of the way first), you'll be teleported to the House of Madness. The goal in the House of Madness is simply to escape, and you'll receive a clue in the very first room when a disembodied voice tells you to "sleep."

There are only four rooms in the house, so it probably won't take you long to wander into the bedroom, but if you want explicit instructions: from the starting room click on the north door to enter the kitchen, pick up the key there (on the eastern side) and unlock and go through the door to the west. That will put you back in the starting room. Then click on the door to the east to end up in the bedroom. When you click on one of the beds, you'll be teleported back to Iona's Dungeon, and you'll earn 38,000 experience.

Before you leave the secret room, be sure to pick up the spellbook of "fear" (which will add a point to "withering curse").

9 - Illusionary Wall

You can walk right through it.

10 - Skeleton

If you extinguish (that is, click on) the candle in front of the skeleton, a portion of the wall to the north will open up and allow you access to the Cave of Illusion (#11).

11 - Cave of Illusion

When you enter the cave, all of the gems on the ground will disappear, but you'll still be able to pick up the strange sword. The sword is one of the holy weapons. See the Holy Weapons entry in the Other Quests section for more information.

12 - Teleporter

Each time you click on one of the three pyramids surrounding the teleporter, a steel skeleton boss and a super potion will appear. Then once you've clicked on all three, you'll be able to instantly move between #12 and #12a.


A. Stairs between this level and the prison level.
B. Stairs between this level and level 2. The stairs will only appear after you've completed the ceremony (see #6).
C. Stairs leading out of the dungeon.
D. Ladder between this level and Cyrion's Lair. The ladder will only appear after you've been to the lair.