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Catacombs, Level 3
Catacombs, Level 3

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1 - Book

The book gives a clue about how to descend to the next level. You'll have to open all four outer tombs (#2) to unlock the center tombs (Exit B), but each time you open a tomb "hordes of skeletons will rise to slay the one that awakened them." So be prepared.

2 - Tomb

Each time you open one of the tombs, about ten skeletons and a skeleton boss (guardian, conjurer, lord, ghoul) will appear. It's a good idea to clean out the level before opening the tombs, so if you have to run away you won't run into trouble.

3 - Manuscript

The manuscript gives some information about the alchemy skill.


A. Stairs back up to level 2.
B. Tombs leading down to level 4. Both tombs are locked, and you'll only be able to unlock one of them after opening the four outer tombs (#2). However, it doesn't seem to matter which one you unlock. Both lead to the same place.