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Assassin's Guild
Assassin's Guild

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1 - Yarun

This is where Yarun will finally stop running. Once you've fought your way to him he'll readily give up Cybu, the assassin who killed the duke, and he'll tell you that you can meet Cybu at the burned plot in Verdistis. You'll also earn 46,000 experience but lose two reputation points. (There isn't any way to avoid the reputation loss, but you'll gain it back and more when you meet Cybu.)

The meeting with Cybu is covered in the Verdistis section (#29).

2 - Treasure Rooms

To open the treasure rooms, click on the two levers on the wall. Inside you should find leather gloves and heavy leather b (boots).


A. Stairs to the Merchant's Guild in Verdistis.
B. Stairs to the Verdistis Sewers.