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Area Note

When you first discover the cemetery, you won't be able to enter it through the front gates. Eventually, however, you'll end up in the cemetery after exiting Iona's Dungeon, and then you'll be able to open the front gates from the inside.

1 - Starting Point

When you exit Iona's Dungeon to arrive in the cemetery, you'll receive 50,000 experience. Then Arhu will show up and ask you again to search for Zandalor. He'll suggest you contact Rob (at the Ducal Inn in Verdistis) about finding a secret entrance into the castle. After Arhu leaves, Iona will show up and cause the undead to rise in the cemetery. "That annoying cat! I shall cook its heart and eat it!!!"

2 - Crypt

You'll find a lever on the eastern side of the crypt. Pulling it will unlock the doors to the chapel (#3).

3 - Chapel

The chapel starts out locked. You can unlock it by pulling the lever inside the crypt (#2).

Inside you'll meet the ghost of Pendrak Ferol, the previous duke. He'll tell you that he's bound to the mortal plane until he learns the name of his murderer. You might have already completed a quest to discover this by dealing with the Assassin's Guild in Verdistis. When you tell the duke that an assassin named Cybu killed him, you'll earn 157,000 experience.

4 - Front Gate

5 - Apollo

Apollo will ask you to help him find his friend Shrimpo, and he'll suggest you look in the northeastern part of the cemetery (#6). After you've met and killed Shrimpo, Apollo will run up to you and call you a murderer. If you then listen to his fish tale, and if you're nice to him at the end, you'll receive 30,000 experience.

6 - Gravestones

If you read the gravestones here, you'll find that they're for Sven, Hillmar, Risini, Ingmar, Marius, Polgara and Osiris. If you click on the gravestones in that order (noting what the first letters of their names spell) El Shrimpo will appear and attack you. When you kill him you'll find the Harpoon of Atlantos.


A. Exit to Iona's Dungeon.