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Elven Village
Elven Village

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1 - Campfire

When you approach the campfire, the elves around it will start talking, and you'll learn that dwarves have desecrated an elven burial ground, and that the act might be a presage to war.

2 - Anorion

3 - Elean / Eleanalessa

Depending on the gender of your character, you'll either see Elean or Eleanalessa here. Regardless, your character will immediately fall madly in love, but Elean / Eleanalessa won't be willing to get involved with you while there is the potential for war against the dwarves. This will trigger the "Solve the problems between elves and dwarves" quest.

You won't be able to do much with the quest until after you've visited Stormfist Castle and received the quest to restore the Council of Seven. Then solving the problems between the elves and the dwarves is essentially the same as convincing the elf and dwarf representatives to join the council. (See the Meeting Hall entry in the Council of Seven section for how to do this.) Once you do that and return, you'll receive 93,500 experience and 2 points of reputation.

Of course, that still won't be enough. Elean / Eleanalessa will ask you to bring him / her a "gift of love," a necklace worn by his / her grandmother but lost hundreds of years ago. Well, all's fair in love and war, so instead of searching for the necklace as intended, all you'll have to do is visit the dwarven jeweler in the Dwarven Halls and have him duplicate the necklace. The reproduction will cost you 7500 gold, but you'll receive 111,000 experience when you give it to Elean / Eleanalessa, plus you'll get to kiss him / her four times.

4 - Gavanariel

5 - Bronthion

Bronthion will only show up here after you've received the quest to restore the Council of Seven. He'll agree to join the council provided you can drive the dwarves out of the elven burial grounds and return the ancient artifacts they've stolen. So head south to the burial grounds and notice that the dwarves seem a little bit odd. Then follow them west to discover that they've gone to an orc camp. How odd.

Yes, there is some subterfuge at work. When you enter the cave on the northern side of the orc camp, and then make your way all the way to the end (including going down the floor tile), you'll discover that the "dwarves" are really orcs in disguise, and that Josephina, who you might remember from the military camp, is behind the trickery. This can be a tough battle since you'll start out surrounded by dwarves, and since you'll be constantly be hit by Josephina's "hell spikes" spell. So try to pick off the dwarves and run back up the ladder whenever things start going badly. Eventually you should be able to whittle down your attackers and focus on Josephina. Once she's been damaged enough, she'll flee the scene, but not before dropping the three elven ceremonial objects that Bronthion wants.

Then when you return to Bronthion, he'll agree to join the council, and you'll receive 143,000 experience and 2 reputation points.


A. Gate to the Dark Forest.