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Larian Armor
Larian Armor

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The Armor of Larian is the main Easter Egg in the game. To get it you'll have to do a couple things:

1. Complete the Stalker quest in the Dark Forest (see #13 and #14 in the Dark Forest Overview section) and pick up the silver breastplate.

2. Complete the Treasure Maps quest (see the Treasure Maps entry in the Other Quests section).

At the end of the Treasure Maps quest, you'll find a portal stone north of the treasure room. For the portal to take you to the Easter Egg area, you'll need to be carrying the following items: 4 ropes (only the ones next to the portal stone can be used), 5 bottles of Rimmer's ale (from the Dwarven Village), 1 teleporter pyramid, and 2002 gold. If you have the wrong objects, then the portal stone will send you back to the entrance of the treasure cave.

Note: If you don't know how to drop only some of your gold, drag a pile of gold from your inventory to the ground, but before releasing the left mouse button, press the control key. Then you'll be able to select how much to drop.

Here is the information for the Easter Egg area:

1 - Portal Stone

It won't teleport you anywhere. You'll have to use your teleporter pyramid to leave the area.

2 - Marian and Ingmar

After having a discussion about good versus evil, they'll fight each other forever. Notice that Marian (good) fights way worse than Ingmar (evil).

3 - Prison Hatch

To use a prison hatch, you'll first have to click on it to open it, and then you'll have to drag a rope from your inventory onto the hatch. That will allow you to climb down the rope to the lower level. If you can pick locks, then you'll only need to do this with one hatch. Otherwise you'll have to do it with all four hatches.

If you're only interested in the Armor of Larian, then hatch #3d is the one you should go down.

4 - Rope

Provided you attached the ropes to the associated prison hatches, this is where you'll find them.

5 - Swen

6 - Hatch

You'll find several beetles -- which are bugs; get it? -- below the hatch, including "not initialised," "infinite loop" and "out of range." Once you've killed the three with special names, head back up and talk to Swen (#5). He'll replace your silver breastplate with Armor of Larian. The new armor won't be in any way related to the old armor, so if you really like your silver breastplate, you might want to skip the transformation.

You'll also find a locked chest in the area beneath the hatch. The key for it is in the southwestern corner.