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Activation Scrolls
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Not far into the game you'll learn that you need activation scrolls in order to work the teleporters located around the world. Here's where you can find them.

Dwarf scroll: Looted off the table in Krasnegar's room in the Dwarven Bread Inn, or found on a table in the mayor's house in the dwarven village. You can also receive one as a reward for completing a quest for the dwarven king in the Dwarven Halls.

Elven scroll: Given by elven lord Eredor in the Archer's Guild.

Human scroll: Given by General Mitox the first time you meet him. You can find another in the Engineer's room in the Cursed Abbey.

Imp scroll: Located in the Imp Castle.

Lizard scroll: Given by Gomoe after you've learned about the scrolls.

Mage scroll: Given by Zandalor the first time you meet him.

Orc scroll: Found in Baluk's tent in the Main Orc Camp.