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Ravaged Village
Ravaged Village

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1 - General Store

This is where you can find Captain Mitox (he wanders but always comes back here). If you've been to see General Alix at the barracks then you might have a letter to deliver to Mitox. The letter is supposed to remain sealed, but if you read it not much will change. You'll still receive 15,000 experience, but Captain Mitox's reaction towards you will drop by 20. When you finish the conversation, you'll receive 15,000 experience and Mitox will give you the human activation scroll.

Mitox will also give you two quests:

1. Destroy the orc supply train using explosives. Mitox will mark the location of the supply train on your map, and he'll give you the explosives. Mostly this quest just involves fighting your way through a bunch of orcs. Once you've reached the supply train (it's the fenced-in area), just drag the explosives from your inventory to the ground. A short cut scene will ensue, and you'll earn 27,500 experience and 3 reputation points.

2. Poison the well in the orc camp. Like before, Mitox will give you the poison and mark the location of the well on your map. To poison the well, all you'll have to do is click on it, and then you'll receive 34,000 experience and 5 reputation points. When you report the good news to Mitox, he'll tell you to go back and report to General Alix.

2 - Egon's House

There's a hatch on the eastern side of the house leading into a mineshaft. You can use the mineshaft to sneak into orc territory, but it's better to just fight your way there.

3 - Inn

You'll find some orcs hiding out inside.