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Iona's Fortress
Iona's Fortress

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Area Note

This fortress, like the other fortresses, is essentially a maze. The route to take is indicated by the white line on the map.

1 - Teleporter

The teleporter moves you between #1 and #1a.

2 - Teleporter

The teleporter moves you between #2 and #2a.

3 - Iona

Once you get close enough to her, Iona will taunt you and then charge to attack you. So back up to avoid the infernal corpses and zombies around her, and fight her alone. Iona seems to focus on "life leech" and "restoration" so she's not very difficult to kill. Once she dies you'll receive 212,500 experience, and a portal will open up in her room. The portal leads back to the main part of the dungeon. "Aaahhh! NO! I can't go down to Hell! Please help me! I'm dying..."