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Demon of Lies' Fortress
Demon of Lies' Fortress

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1 - Levers

You'll need to click on the levers to open up the blocked passages (#2).

2 - Blocked Passages

3 - Demon of Lies

The Demon of Lies is big, and he'll keep summoning dreadknights and overlords, but otherwise he isn't as tough as you might think. You'll probably have an easier time with him than Josephina and Moriendor. Just keep hitting the demon with area attacks ("hell spikes" works very well here) to damage the minions and the demon, or ignore the minions and just concentrate on the demon.

Once the Demon of Lies dies, the game will end and you'll witness the final cinematic sequence. The demon and the Sword of Lies are sucked into the abyss, but what happens with the baby? Do you kill it or carry it away from the dungeon? We'll have to wait for Divine Divinity 2 to find out.

Note: The statue you see falling to the ground is the same statue that popped into the air way back in Aleroth near the beginning of the game.