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Moriendor's Fortress
Moriendor's Fortress

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Area Note

This fortress, like the other fortresses, is essentially a maze. The route to take is indicated by the white line on the map.

1 - Teleporter

The teleporter moves you between #1 and #1a.

2 - Teleporter

The teleporter moves you between #2 and #2a.

3 - Moriendor

When you get close enough, Moriendor will taunt you and then charge at you. So back up so you only have to face Moriendor alone. Moriendor can be nasty because he'll keep casting "blind" on you, and then, once you can't do anything, he'll start hitting you with "hell spikes."

There are a couple ways to deal with Moriendor. At the start of the fight he'll run up and attack you a couple times before casting spells. If you have a weapon with "freeze" on it, or the "freeze" spell itself, you can immobilize him and then whack away until he's dead. If you have a summoned creature, you can use that to distract him while you kill him. If you actually get blinded, realize that although you can't see him, he's still there, and so as long as you know about where he's standing, you can hit him with an area spell like "hell spikes."

Once Moriendor dies, you'll earn 212,500 experience, and a portal will open up in his room. The portal leads back to the main part of the dungeon. "AAAaaargghhh... No! Not like this! Aaahhh!"