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Thieves' Guild
Thieves' Guild

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1 - Finnigan

Finnigan is the guild shopkeeper, so he's a good source for lockpicks and traps, plus other miscellaneous objects. Finnigan will also give you a quest, to retrieve his special lockpicks from Commander Kratus in the local Town Watch building. You'll find the lockpicks in the "strong table" near the entrance. It doesn't seem to matter if the guards are around, so just wait for Commander Kratus to be somewhere else before you swipe them. Then when you return to Finnigan you'll receive 25,000 experience, two super stamina potions, and a set of lockpicks.

2 - Storage Room

This is where you'll find the ale for Rob's second quest.

3 - Locked Door

You won't be able to go through the door until you've proven yourself to Rob upstairs.

4 - Rodgar

He'll bet you 5000 gold that you can't unlock five nearby doors (#5 and #6). If you do you'll win the gold plus 25,000 experience. If you fail, you'll lose the 5000 gold, but Rodgar will teach you a point of "lockpick."

5 - Four Locked Doors

The two on the north wall are plainly visible, but the two on the south wall are hidden, and they don't even show up if you press the alt key.

6 - Treasure Room

Among other things, you'll find the Cutlass of Totu Chabahl.

7 - Rob's Room

Inside the book you'll find a strange dagger. It's one of the holy weapons. See the Holy Weapons entry of the Other Quests section for more information.

8 - Leondric

As soon as you enter the room, Leondric will warn you not to even touch the door to the north. Try as you might, you won't be able to talk him out of leaving his post, but he'll leave on his own as soon as you exit the room back to the west. You won't get any experience for this, so you might want to challenge him to a duel instead and get rid of him that way.

9 - Penumbra

If you've spoken to Corinna in Verdistis, then you might have a quest to rescue Penumbra from the Thieves' Guild and get the book of summoning from her. You can kill Penumbra and get the book from her that way, but it's better to free her. If nothing else, you'll receive 54,000 experience for the deed.


A. Ladder back up to the Ducal Inn.
B. Stairs to the Verdistis Sewers.