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Imp's Castle
Imp's Castle

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Area Note

There are several locked doors in the area, but they can all be unlocked by nearby levers.

1 - Levers

Unlike the other levers in the area, the two levers here don't seem to do anything.

2 - Ssaragab

He's level 49, but he primarily does lightning damage, so if you can resist lightning you should be ok.

3 - Imp Activation Scroll

It's just sitting on the garbage.

4 - Locked Door and Lever

Unlike the other locked doors in the area, the lever to unlock it (#4a) isn't particularly close to it.

5 - Closed Helmet

You'll find a magical closed helmet on the ground in front of the chest.

6 - Rak'Sheen

Just like with Ssaragab (#2), how difficult this fight is depends on your resistances. If you can resist Rak'Sheen's frost and fire attacks, or if you have a weapon with "freeze" on it, then the fight should be straightforward. Otherwise, immediately run away to draw Rak'Sheen away from his friends, and then drink potions and whack away until you kill him. Rak'Sheen will drop the dragonheart gem (aka the Heart of the Dragon) when he dies. The heart is necessary for the Warrior's Guild and Dragon Armor quests.

Also near Rak'Sheen's starting location you'll find a high quality hand axe and two bronze keys. The keys unlock two nearby chests.

7 - Large Shield and Plate Leggings

Both should be high quality.