Dark Brotherhood Quest: Whispers in the Dark

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You'll receive this quest from Astrid (#1) in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary after completing the quest Mourning Never Comes.


Astrid will tell you that Cicero has been acting strangely since you were last in the sanctuary -- he's been locking himself in the Dark Mother's chamber and he's been whispering to someone. Astrid will fear that he's plotting to take control of the Brotherhood, and so she'll ask you to hide in the Dark Mother's coffin (#2) and eavesdrop on Cicero's next conversation.

To enter the coffin, you'll first have to pick its "novice" lock, and then you'll have to step inside. Once you've done that, a cut scene will automatically play, and you'll learn that Cicero has been talking to the Night Mother and not plotting anything. However, during Cicero's conversation, the Night Mother will begin speaking to you, making you the new Listener, and she'll order you to meet with somebody named Amaund Motierre in Volunruud.

At the end of the cut scene, Astrid will burst into the room. She won't be happy to hear that the Night Mother has begun issuing orders, and she'll insist that she's still in charge. Astrid will then counteract the Night Mother's order and tell you to take some new contracts from Nazir instead. When you talk to Nazir (#3), he'll insist that you finish his first batch of contracts (if necessary), and then he'll give you contracts to kill the orc Lurbuk, "the worst bard in all of Skyrim," and a vampire named Hern. See the Contracts page for more information. Talking to Nazir (whether you receive any new contracts or not) will complete the quest.

1 - Astrid

2 - Dark Mother's Coffin

3 - Nazir

  1. World exit.




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