Companions Quest: Take up Arms

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The first time you enter Jorrvaskr (in Whiterun), you'll find Kodlak Whitemane sitting next to Vilkas at a table at the northern end of the Living Quarters (#1). When you ask Kodlak if you can join the Companions, you'll trigger this quest.


Kodlak will be open to the idea of you joining the Companions, but Vilkas will be more skeptical. To convince Vilkas of your worthiness, you'll need to follow him out to the practice yard (#2) and hit him a few times with a weapon (but not spells).

With that initiation rite out of the way, you'll be asked to perform some odd jobs. Vilkas will give you his sword and ask you to deliver it to Eorlund at the Skyforge (#3). Eorlund give you a shield and ask you to deliver it to Aela in her room (#4). Aela will summon Farkas and ask you to follow him to the initiate barracks (#5), where you'll be allowed to sleep in any of the beds. And with that, you'll become a Companion.

1 - Kodlak / Vilkas

2 - Practice Yard

3 - Skyforge

4 - Aela's Room

5 - Barracks

  1. Front entrance to Jorrvaskr.
  2. Back entrance to Jorrvaskr.
  3. Stairs to the Living Quarters.




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