Thieves Guild Quest: Imitation Amnesty
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You'll receive this quest from Delvin in the Ragged Flagon after completing five random quests (from Delvin or Vex) in Whiterun.


Delvin will direct you to Olfrid Battle-Born in Whiterun. You'll either find him in his house or in the Bannered Mare. When you talk to Olfrid, he'll tell you that a friend of his named Arn is wanted for murder in Solitude, and that when he fled to Whiterun, he was arrested for drunkenness. Olfrid will then inform you that he's created a fake identity for Arn, but that for it to be effective, you'll need to do two things: steal a Letter from Solitude alerting the Whiterun guards to Arn's presence, and change Arn's name in the Prison Registry to his fake name.

Both objectives can be completed in the Jarl's Quarters in Dragonsreach. You'll find the Prison Registry in the steward's room and the Letter from Solitude in the jarl's office. If you've completed the main quest Dragon Rising (which makes you a thane of Whiterun), then nobody will care if you wander around the Jarl's Quarters. Otherwise, you might need to do some sneaking, or you might need to enter the Jarl's Quarters through the kitchen (which will give you direct access to the steward's room).

Note: Right next to the Letter from Solitude you'll find the book Before the Ages of Man, which will increase your Illusion skill by 1.

When you return to Olfrid, you'll find him either in his house or in the Drunken Huntsman. He'll reward you with a random enchanted ring, and he'll promise you the support of Whiterun. Completing the quest will also cause a new merchant to appear in the Ragged Flagon, and Tonilia (in the Ragged Flagon) will start out with more gold each time her stock resets.




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