Thieves Guild Quest: Under New Management
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You'll receive this quest from Brynjolf in the Ragged Flagon Cistern after completing the quests Darkness Returns, Imitation Amnesty, Silver Lining, Summerset Shadows, and The Dainty Sload.


After triggering the quest, Brynjolf will walk into the practice room in the Cistern (if necessary). When you follow him, he'll say that it's finally time you became Guild Master, and he'll lead you to the center of the Cistern, where you'll find the rest of the Guild waiting for you. Brynjolf will then nominate you as Guild Master, and Delvin, Karliah and Vex will all vote in favor.

With the ceremony over, you'll need to talk to Brynjolf again. He'll give you a Tribute Chest Key and an Amulet of Articulation, and he'll tell you that you can get your Guild Master equipment from Tonilia. The Tribute Chest Key will open the Guild Master's Tribute Chest, which can be found in front of the Guild Master's desk in the Cistern. It will have some gold and possibly some gems in it, and it will replenish over time. The Amulet of Articulation is random rather than leveled (which is probably a bug), so you might want to save before receiving it.

Finally, when you talk to Tonilia in the Ragged Flagon, she'll give you Guild Master's Armor, Guild Master's Boots, Guild Master's Gloves, and a Guild Master's Hood. These items are all slightly better than the upgraded Thieves Guild items. Receiving the items will end the quest.




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