Companions Quest: Blood's Honor

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After completing the quest The Silver Hand plus two random Companions quests, you'll learn that Kodlak would like to talk to you.


You'll find Kodlak sitting at a table next to his room in the Living Quarters of Jorrvaskr. When you talk to him there (after sitting down next to him), he'll tell you his theory for removing the lycanthropic curse afflicting the Companions. The Companions became werewolves through a deal with the witches of Glenmoril Coven, and if you were to go to the coven and behead the witches, then you might be able to use their heads to "undo centuries of impurity."

You'll find Glenmoril Coven located far to the southwest of Whiterun. Inside you'll encounter five witches (#1). They'll do fire damage, so be sure you have a way to protect yourself before going after them. The witches will drop a Glenmoril Witch Heads when they die. You'll only need one of these heads to complete the quest, but you might want to grab at least one more so you can cure yourself as well as Kodlak. We didn't notice any sort of bonus for defeating all of the witches.

Back at Jorrvaskr, you'll learn that the Silver Hand staged an attack while you were dealing with the witches, and that they killed Kodlak and stole all of the pieces of the Wuuthrad. This discovery will complete the quest and trigger the next quest, Purity of Revenge.

1 - Witches

2 - Arcane Enchanter

On the table next to the enchanter, you'll find the book A Tragedy in Black, which will increase your Enchanting skill by 1.

3 - Tent

Inside the tent, you'll find the book Horror of Castle Xyr, which will increase your Destruction skill by 1.

  1. World exit.




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