Treasure Maps

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As you explore Skyrim, it's possible that you'll find 10 treasure maps. The locations of these maps and the treasure chests they point to are detailed below. All of the treasure chests you find will reward you with gold, gems, jewelry, and sometimes more.

Treasure Map I
  • Map Location: The Guardian Stones, found on bandit in bandit camp to the south.

  • Treasure Chest Location: Riverwood, inside large overturned tree to the northwest (the tree is slightly inland, not the tree on the riverbank)

Treasure Map II
  • Map Location: Journeyman's Nook, found in knapsack behind table

  • Treasure Chest Location: Valtheim Towers, found along riverbank to the east

Treasure Map III
  • Map Location: Riverside Shack, found in locked chest

  • Treasure Chest Location: Solitude Lighthouse, found along shore to the northeast

Treasure Map IV
  • Map Location: Redoran's Retreat, found in chest

  • Treasure Chest Location: Pelagia Farm, found in mountains to the southwest

Treasure Map V
  • Map Location: Angi's Camp, found in end table

  • Treasure Chest Location: Bard's Leap Summit, found in river at base of waterfall to the northwest

Treasure Map VI
  • Map Location: Volunruud, found on a dead elf woman to the northwest (if you travel northwest from Volunruud, then you should run into some splatters of blood on the ground; if you follow this trail of blood then on one side you'll find the dead elf woman, and on the other side you'll find a dead elf man)

  • Treasure Chest Location: Korvanjund, found by tree on arch over entrance

Treasure Map VII
  • Map Location: Traitor's Post, found in locked chest on ground floor

  • Treasure Chest Location: Gallows Rock (outside), found on northern side of inner courtyard by noose

Treasure Map VIII
  • Map Location: Snow Veil Sanctum, found on dead hunter on "island" to the northeast

  • Treasure Satchel Location: Dragon Bridge, found against tree across river to the south (inside you'll find the Dragon Bridge Chest Key)

  • Treasure Chest Location: Dragon Bridge, found in river to the northeast of bridge (the chest has a "master" lock, but you can unlock it with the key from the satchel)

Treasure Map IX

  • Map Location: Abandoned Prison, found on corpse of Lucky Lorenz in crushed cabin to the west

  • Treasure Chest Location: Broken Helm Hollow (outside), found behind waterfall right next to entrance

Treasure Map X
  • Map Location: Stony Creek Cave, found on bandit next to alchemy lab

  • Treasure Chest Location: The Lady Stone, found in the water to the northeast (near the peninsula)




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