Dark Brotherhood Quest: Death Incarnate

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You'll receive this quest when you return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary after completing the quest To Kill an Empire.


When you reach the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, you'll discover that it's being attacked by Penitus Oculatus agents. Inside, you'll find the place a near wreck, with many parts of it on fire and other parts collapsed, and numerous barrels of oil (the likely cause of the damage) sitting out. You'll also find the corpses of many of the Brotherhood assassins, including Veezara (#1), Arnbjorn (#2), and Gabriella (#3), but eventually you come to Nazir (#5), and you'll be able to rescue him from an agent named Arcturus.

With Nazir safe, you'll decide that your best course of action is simply to escape from the sanctuary, but after taking a few steps you'll hear from the Night Mother, and she'll order you to "embrace" her. You'll then need to enter the Night Mother's coffin (#6), which will close around you and protect you from a large explosion. When you regain consciousness, Nazir and Babette will free you from the coffin (now in the main chamber, #7), and the Night Mother will order you to talk to Astrid.

You'll find Astrid in a secret chamber (#8), which you'll be able to reach now due to the explosions in the sanctuary. When you talk to Astrid, she'll reveal that she's the one who betrayed the Brotherhood -- she just wanted things to go back to how they were before you and Cicero arrived -- but that she now realizes she was wrong, and that you should lead the Brotherhood in her place. Astrid will also reveal that she's performed the Black Sacrament on herself, and that you'll need to kill her to complete the contract. After doing so, you should loot the Blade of Woe, which you'll find next to her corpse. Afterwards, you'll just need to return to the Night Mother (#7) to complete the quest.

1 - Veezara

2 - Arnbjorn

When you get close enough to Arnbjorn, you'll witness him being killed in his werewolf form. There isn't any way to save him.

3 - Gabriella

4 - Lis

5 - Nazir

6 - Night Mother's Coffin

7 - Coffin's Landing Spot

8 - Astrid's Secret Chamber

  1. World exit.




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