Daedric Quest: The Break of Dawn

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There are two ways to receive this quest: by approaching the Statue to Meridia (located west of Solitude), or by finding Meridia's Beacon in a random dungeon. You'll also need to be level 12 to receive this quest.


When you first approach the Statue to Meridia, the daedra Meridia will recognize you as a "supplicant," and she'll give you a task -- to retrieve her beacon from a random dungeon. After doing so, when you place Meridia's Beacon into the gem pedestal at the base of her statue, Meridia will raise you high into the air and begin talking to you. She'll tell you that the necromancer Malkoran is using the power of Dawnbreaker to defile Kilkreath Temple, and she'll ask you to use the beam of light from her beacon to open the way into the inner sanctum, and there defeat Malkoran and retrieve Dawnbreaker.

Note: Just to the northeast of the Statue to Meridia you'll find a Word Wall that will unlock the Word of Power "Air, Elemental Fury" when you get close enough to it.

You'll discover the entrance to Kilkreath Temple located directly under the statue. Inside, you'll encounter lots of corrupted shades, and you'll find several pedestals (#2). Each pedestal will have a crystal sphere on top of it, and when you activate the pedestal, you'll automatically position the sphere so the beam of light from Meridia's Beacon hits it and moves on to the next sphere. In this way you'll "power up" the temple, and you'll also open several doors, including the door leading to the inner sanctum (#5).

Inside the inner sanctum you'll encounter Malkoran and a few more corrupted shades. Malkoran is a frost mage, so make sure you can resist frost damage before facing him. When Malkoran dies, his shade will spring up, and you'll have to defeat that as well. Afterwards, you'll find Dawnbreaker at the eastern edge of the room (on another pedestal), and when you pick it up, Meridia will congratulate you for completing her task, and she'll teleport you out of the temple. For your reward, she'll allow you to keep Dawnbreaker.

1 - Gate / Lever

To open the closed gate (#1), you'll need to pull the lever located behind the nearby "adept" locked door (#1a). Behind the gate you'll find a treasure chest ($) with some random loot inside.

2 - Pedestals

3 - Gate / Lever

To open the closed gate here, you'll need to pull the lever located behind the nearby "master" locked door. Behind the gate you'll find a treasure chest with some random loot inside.

4 - Book

In the shelf here you'll find the book Battle of Red Mountain, which will increase your Block skill by 1.

5 - Inner Sanctum

  1. Pathway (via the Kilkreath Balcony) between Kilkreath Temple and the Kilkreath Ruins. You'll find an "expert" locked treasure chest along this path.
  2. Doorway between the Kilkreath Ruins and the Kilkreath Catacombs.
  3. World exit.




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