Dark Brotherhood Quest: The Cure for Madness

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You'll receive this quest at the conclusion of the quest Breaching Security, when Gabriella informs you that there's been an "incident" with Cicero.


When you head over to Astrid (also in the sanctuary) to find out what's going on, you'll learn that while you were away, Cicero went crazy and tried to kill everybody, and that afterwards he fled into the wilderness with Arnbjorn in pursuit. Astrid will then ask you to search Cicero's room and see if you can figure out where he might have gone.

In Cicero's room, you'll find five volumes of his journal, which will detail the recent decline of the Dark Brotherhood and also illuminate Cicero's descent into madness. In Cicero's Journal - Final Volume, you'll learn that while Cicero was on the road with the Night Mother, he took control of a Dark Brotherhood sanctuary near Dawnstar, and that the passphrase to enter it is "Innocence, my brother." You'll need to take the final journal with you (not just read it) to update the quest.

When you tell Astrid about Cicero's journal, she'll order you to travel to the Dawnstar Sanctuary and put an end to Cicero's life -- and, oh yes, also make sure that her husband Arnbjorn is still alive. To help you out, Astrid will loan you her horse Shadowmere, which you'll find just outside the sanctuary. You're not required to use Shadowmere if you don't want to.

You'll find Arnbjorn sitting outside the Dawnstar Sanctuary, which is located just to the north of Dawnstar. When you talk to him, you'll learn that he's wounded, but that he wounded Cicero as well. Because of his wounds, Arnbjorn won't be able to help you in the quest, and he'll return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Inside the Dawnstar Sanctuary, you'll encounter numerous ghostly Sanctuary Guardians and also a giant troll named Udefrykte (#7), but eventually you'll reach Cicero in the torture chamber (#8). You'll find him writhing on the ground in obvious pain from Arnbjorn's wounds. When you get close enough to him, he'll try to convince you to let him live, which would require you to lie to Astrid about your actions. You'll have two choices:
  • If you decide to dispatch Cicero, then he'll jump up and reveal that he was faking his injuries, and he'll attack you at full strength. Chances are, this fight won't be too tough, and afterwards you'll find Cicero's Boots, Cicero's Clothes, Cicero's Gloves, Cicero's Hat, and a dagger of some sort on his corpse.

  • If you decide to let Cicero live, then you'll just need to leave the sanctuary. Later, after completing the Dark Brotherhood quest line, Cicero will return to you (in the Dawnstar Sanctuary) and become available as a companion.
Either way, when you return to Astrid and tell her that Cicero is dead, she'll allow you to keep Shadowmere for good.

1 - Jester's Clothes

On the table here you'll find Jester's Boots, Jester's Clothes, Jester's Gloves, and a Jester's Hat.

2 - Closed Gate

This gate will start out closed. You'll only be able to open it by pulling the chain on the eastern side.

3 - Worn Shrouded Armor (Lower Level)

In the cupboard here you'll find Worn Shrouded Armor, Worn Shrouded Boots, a Worn Shrouded Cowl, and Worn Shrouded Gloves.

4 - Books (Lower Level)

On the table here you'll find the books The Marksmanship Lesson, which will increase your Archery skill by 1, and Fire and Darkness, which will increase your One-Handed skill by 1.

5 - Debris

You'll find debris blocking the tunnel here, preventing you from reaching the rooms to the west. You won't be able to remove the debris until after completing the Dark Brotherhood quest line.

6 - Barred Door

You'll only be able to unbar this door from the eastern side.

7 - Udefrykte

8 - Cicero

  1. World exit.




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