Side Quest: Infiltration

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East of Treva's Watch you'll find Stalleo and two of his bodyguards sitting in a small camp. If you talk to Stalleo then he'll tell you that Treva's Watch has been captured by bandits, and that his family is being held prisoner inside. He'll then ask you to sneak into the castle using the nearby escape tunnel, and open up the main gate so his men can get inside.


Inside the castle, you'll need to sneak past or defeat a bunch of bandits. You won't find any sign of Stalleo's family, although you will find the (apparently unrelated) corpses of an Imperial and two Nords near the exit of the Escape Tunnel (#1). When you eventually reach the castle courtyard (via Exit B), you'll find the lever for the front gate located right in front of you (that is, inside the small building on the ground level). When you pull the lever, Stalleo and his men will enter the courtyard, and Stalleo will reward you with a Spell Tome: Detect Life.

Note: You don't have to deal with the majority of the bandits if you don't want to. After accepting the quest from Stalleo, enter and exit the Escape Tunnel (to complete the required first objective of the quest), and then scale the mountains just to the east of the castle and drop down onto the ramparts. From there you'll be able to walk right over to the lever controlling the front gate.

1 - Corpses

2 - Bandit Chief's Room

The bandit chief will probably be decked out in steel plate armor, and so he might give you a tough fight depending on where you are in the game. You'll also find a Spell Tome: Bound Sword on the table in the room.

3 - Tower Room

At the top of the tower you'll find a room containing an arcane enchanter, a Spell Tome: Courage (on the desk), and the book Twin Secrets (also on the desk), which will increase your Enchanting skill by 1. You'll also find a ladder leading to the roof, where you'll find a treasure chest.

  1. Doorway between the Escape Tunnel and Treva's Watch.
  2. Exit to the castle courtyard.
  3. World exit.




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