College of Winterhold Quest: Good Intentions

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You'll receive this quest at the conclusion of the quest Hitting the Books.


To start off in this quest, you'll need to talk to Tolfdir and tell him about the books you found at Fellglow Keep. Tolfdir will be back from Saarthal by this point, and when you meet with him in the Hall of the Elements, you'll discover that he brought the strange glowing orb with him and deposited it in the center of the hall.

However, as you're speaking with Tolfdir, Ancano will interrupt you. He'll inform you that a monk from the Psijic Order has come to the college to meet with you, and then he'll escort you to the Arch-Mage's Quarters so you can speak with him. Inside the Arch-Mage's Quarters, the monk, Quaranir, will stop time and have a short conversation with you. He'll tell you that the orb you found is called the Eye of Magnus, that it is "immensely powerful," that it will be misused, and that only you can deal with the aftermath of this misuse. Quaranir will then recommend that you speak with the Augur of Dunlain, who can be found somewhere in the college.

If you ask the teachers and the students of the college about the augur, then they'll point you to Tolfdir or Mirabelle Ervine. To get Mirabelle to talk, you'll have to pass a persuade check, but Tolfdir will be happy to tell you the story. Either way you'll learn that the augur is located in the Midden below the college. You'll find the entrance to the Midden just to the west of the entrance to the Hall of the Elements.

Note: Before entering the Midden, you might want to find J'zargo (usually in the Hall of Attainment or the Hall of the Elements) and pick up the quest J'zargo's Experiment. Then you'll be able to complete J'zargo's quest and this quest at the same time.

Inside the Midden and the Midden Dark, you'll encounter a handful of draugr, ice wraiths, and spiders, but eventually you'll reach the Augur of Dunlain (#4). The augur will tell you something you already knew -- that Ancano is up to no good -- and he'll also give you a clue about the Eye of Magnus -- that you'll need the Staff of Magnus in order to deal with it. Finally, he'll direct you to the Arch-Mage so you can learn more about the staff, and then he'll go silent.

Back in the college, when you ask Arch-Mage Aren about the staff, he'll inform you that Mirabelle mentioned it recently, and he'll direct you to talk to her. He'll also give you one of six different Mage's Circlets depending on your level. If you're at least level 25, then you'll get the best one.

1 - Atronach Forge

The Atronach Forge can be used to summon atronachs and create items, including spell tomes, staves, and daedric armor. Most recipes for the forge require a Sigil Stone, which you can pick up during the quest Conjuration Ritual Spell. However, anything you can create at the forge you'll probably have an easier time obtaining elsewhere, and so the forge can be safely ignored.

Note: If you're interested in forge recipes, you can find three in the Atronach Forge Manual located on a table near the forge, and you can find Atronach Forge Recipes scattered around Skyrim.

2 - Daedra Gauntlet

You'll discover a daedra gauntlet in the center of this room, and nearby on a table you'll find the Midden Incident Report and the Investigator's Key. If you pick up the rings mentioned in the report -- they're located on the western side of the Arcanaeum, in a "master" locked chest that the key can open -- and place the rings on the fingers of the gauntlet (you'll only be allowed to put them on the "right" finger), then you'll summon a dremora named Velehk Sain.

Sain will try to make you a deal for his freedom. If you decline the deal and attack him, then you'll find a pair of Scimitars and a Daedra Heart on his corpse. If you let Sain go, then he'll give you Velehk Sain's Treasure Map, which will point you to a small "island" just to the south of Ysgramor's Tomb (at the northern edge of the map). Velehk Sain's locker will only appear when you get close to it. Inside and around the locker you'll find gold, gems, jewelry and more.

3 - Alchemy Lab

Sitting on the alchemy lab you'll find the book De Rerum Dirennis, which will increase your Alchemy skill by 1.

4 - Augur of Dunlain

  1. Exit to the Hall of Countenance.
  2. Doorway between the Midden and the Midden Dark.
  3. World exit.




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