Dark Brotherhood Quest: Mourning Never Comes

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You'll receive this quest from Astrid in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary after completing the quest Sanctuary, and after completing one Contract kill for Nazir.


When you return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, you'll discover that the Keeper Cicero has arrived with the Night Mother's corpse, which has made Astrid and some of the other assassins uneasy. After the scene plays out, when you head over to Astrid, she'll tell you that a woman named Muiri in Markarth has performed the Black Sacrament and that she wants her ex-lover killed. Astrid will then direct you to meet with Muiri and accept the contract. You'll find Muiri either in the Silver-Blood Inn (at night) or in the Hag's Cure (during the day).

When you talk to Muiri, she'll tell you that a bandit leader named Alain Dufont ruined her life by sabotaging her relationship with the Shatter-Shield family. She'll then ask you to kill Dufont -- and also optionally Nilsine Shatter-Shield, since Nilsine treated her so poorly after the event. If you ask Muiri if there's anything else, then she'll give you two doses of Lotus Extract to help you out.

If you plan on killing Nilsine, then you'll find her in Windhelm. She'll spend a lot of time wandering around the city, but at night she'll visit the Hall of the Dead (where she'll be alone) or spend some time in her house (where she'll only have her mother with her), and so you shouldn't have too much trouble killing her without being seen.

For Dufont, you'll have to travel to Raldbthar, which is located to the west of Windhelm near Irkngthand. As dwemer ruins go, Raldbthar is pretty small, and so it won't take you long to fight your way through the bandits inside and make our way to Dufont (#2). Dufont and two of his henchmen will attack you on sight. If you have trouble with the battle, then you can either use the oil on the ground to burn them, or you can sneak up to the two ballistae above them (#3) and fire bolts at them. Dufont will drop Aegisbane when he dies.

Note: If you decide to explore the Raldbthar Deep Market (via Exit A), then you'll encounter a colony of falmer, and you'll find a closed gate with four buttons beside it. To open the gate, you'll just need to press the third button from the left. Past the gate, you'll come to a large room with four gears (one underwater) blocked by debris. If you remove the debris, then you'll be able to lower a bridge (by pressing the button next to it) to reveal a dwarven centurion and a door. Past the door, you'll come to a dwarven mechanism (which is involved in the quest Discerning the Transmundane) and an exit elevator back to Skyrim.

When you return to Muiri after completing the job, she'll reward you with some gold plus also Muiri's Ring if you killed Nilsine. Then when you return to Astrid, you'll receive your next assignment.

1 - Flame Spouts

2 - Alain Dufont

3 - Locked Door

You'll have to pick a "master" lock to open this door.

4 - Ballistae (Upper Level) / Book (Lower Level)

On the balcony level here, you'll find two ballistae. If you can pick a "master" lock (#3), then you'll be able to sneak up to the ballistae and use them against Dufont and his men (#2).

On the ground level, you'll find the book 2920, Last Seed, v8 on the counter here. The book will increase your Sneak skill by 1. You'll also find a treasure chest next to the book.

5 - Blade Traps

There isn't any way to turn off the blade traps, so you'll just have to jump over them.

  1. Elevator to the Raldbthar Deep Market (not shown).
  2. World exit.




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