Thieves Guild Quest: Summerset Shadows

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You'll receive this quest from Delvin in the Ragged Flagon after completing five random quests (from Delvin or Vex) in Windhelm.


Delvin will tell you that a rival guild is trying to set up shop in Windhelm, and that they're giving thieves a bad name because they're killing their marks. He'll then direct you to Torsten Cruel-Sea in Windhelm so you can learn more. You'll usually find Torsten in his house in Windhelm or at Hollyfrost Farm just to the east of Windhelm.

When you talk to Torsten, he'll tell you that his daughter Fjotli was murdered by the new guild, and that they stole a silver locket from her. He'll then ask you to eliminate the guild and retrieve the locket, and he'll give you a clue -- a person of interest named Niryane, who has a house in Windhelm.

You'll usually find Niranye in her house or at her stall in the Windhelm market. She'll deny knowing anything about Fjotli, and you'll have to pass a persuade or intimidate check to get her to talk. If that doesn't work, then you can also kill her and read the Second Letter from Linwe found on her corpse. Either way you'll learn that the new guild is called the Summerset Shadows, that they have their headquarters in the Uttering Hills Cave, and that they don't kill their marks; they just loot the dead.

You'll find Uttering Hills Cave located to the west of Windhelm. Inside and outside, you'll have to battle Summerset Shadows, but they're not level-scaled, so you shouldn't have much trouble with them. Then in the back of the cave you'll encounter Linwe (#1), who will probably give you a tougher fight, and when he dies you'll find Fjotli's Silver Locket plus a unique set of armor on his corpse.

When you return the locket to Torsten, he'll reward you with a random piece of enchanted jewelry, and he'll promise you the support of Windhelm. Completing the quest will also cause a new merchant to appear in the Ragged Flagon, and Tonilia (in the Ragged Flagon) will start out with more gold each time her stock resets. If Niranye survived your encounter with her, then she'll also become a fence for you.

1 - Linwe

  1. World exit.




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