Side Quest: The Heart of Dibella

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When you enter the Temple of Dibella in Markarth, you'll meet an initiate named Senna, and she'll tell you that the sisters are communing with Dibella and can't be disturbed. If you enter the Inner Sanctum anyway (by picking the "expert" lock on the door, or by stealing the Key to the Dibella Inner Sanctum from Senna), and if the sisters inside spot you, then you'll be offered this quest.


When you're caught, you'll be introduced to Hamal, who will tell you that you've interrupted an Exalted Protocol of the Dibellan Sybil, a transgression that would normally result in servitude to the temple. Luckily for you, Hamal will have a different sort of punishment in mind. She'll tell you that their Sybil recently died, but that the protocol has shown them that the new Sybil is currently living in Karthwasten. All you'll need to do is find the Sybil and bring her to the temple.

In Karthwasten, if you ask people about young girls, then they'll direct you to Enmon, who can usually be found in his house or working at the Fenn's Gulch Mine. When you talk to Enmon, he'll tell you that his daughter Fjotra was recently kidnapped by the forsworn from Broken Tower Redoubt. If you reveal to Enmon that Fjotra is the new Sybil, then he'll offer to help you rescue her. However, Enmon isn't much of a fighter, so you're probably better off leaving him in Karthwasten regardless.

Inside Broken Tower Redoubt, you'll have to deal with several forsworn soldiers, but eventually you'll reach the upper tower (via Exit B), where you'll discover Fjotra in a locked cell being guarded by a Forsworn Briarheart. After defeating the briarheart, on his corpse you'll find the Broken Tower Prison Key, which will allow you to unlock Fjotra's cell (or you can just pick the cell's "expert" lock).

When you free Fjotra and talk to her, she'll begin following you. You'll then just need to take her to the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Dibella and deliver her to Hamal. When you do so, Hamal will reward you with the Agent of Dibella blessing (10% extra melee damage against enemies of the opposite sex), which you'll earn when you pray at the Altar of Dibella, located in the main part of the temple.

Note: Before taking Fjotra to Hamal, you can swing by Karthwasten so Fjotra can say goodbye to her father, but you won't get anything for doing this.

1 - Book

In the shelves here you'll find the book The Mirror, which will increase your Block skill by 1.

  1. Exit to the ramparts. You won't find much on the ramparts other than a grindstone and some iron weapons.
  2. Exit to the Briarheart's tower. Inside this tower on a table you'll find the book Liminal Bridges, which will increase your Conjuration skill by 1.
  3. World exit.




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