Dark Brotherhood Quest: Bound Until Death

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You'll receive this quest from Astrid in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary at the conclusion of the quest The Silence Has Been Broken.


Astrid will give you the details for your first assassination contract for Amaund Motierre. She'll tell you that you'll need to kill Vittoria Vici (a cousin of the Emperor) during her wedding reception at the Temple of the Divines in Solitude, and she'll add that if you can do it while she's addressing her friends and family, then you'll get a bonus. "Give the city of Solitude a celebration they're not likely to forget."

When you reach Solitude, you'll find the reception already in progress. Vittoria and her new husband Asgeir Snow-Shod will spend most of their time sitting at a pair of thrones outside the temple (#1), but then every so often they'll head up to a balcony (via Exit A), where Vittoria will address the guests (#2). It's at this point that you'll need to kill Vittoria if you want to receive the bonus from Astrid.

Note: Vittoria and Asgeir will head up to the balcony over and over again, so there isn't any reason to hurry.

You'll have a few ways to kill Vittoria:
  • If you ascend to the upper ramparts (via Exit C), then you'll find a loose gargoyle overlooking the balcony (#2). If you activate it while Vittoria is addressing the guests, then you'll kill her instantly.

  • You can snipe Vittoria from the side balcony (#3, reached via Exit B) or from upper ramparts (reached via Exit C). If you use the side balcony, then you'll find an Elixir of True Shot, some Elven Arrows, and the bow Firiniel's End conveniently waiting for you.

  • You can use a Frenzy Poison (by reverse pickpocketing it with the Poisoned perk) or the Frenzy spell on Asgeir, which will cause him to kill Vittoria for you.

  • You can just walk up to Vittoria and attack her.
When Vittoria dies, chaos will break out. If you're quick, then you can immediately fast travel back to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary before anyone becomes hostile, and leave the city that way. Otherwise, you'll need to quickly make your escape, most likely by using the ramparts to your advantage. Veezara will show up during this time and offer to help you out (by causing a distraction) but he might do more harm than good, and so you should ignore him as much as possible and simply leave. As long as you're sneaking and unseen when you make the kill, and as long as you avoid traveling down to the guests in the temple courtyard, you shouldn't incur a bounty for your deeds.

Note: If you get the chance to loot Vittoria, then you'll find Vittoria's Wedding Band, a Wedding Dress, Wedding Sandals, a Wedding Wreath and more on her corpse. If you kill Asgeir as well, then you'll find Asgeir's Wedding Band and more on his corpse.

When you return to Astrid, she'll be thrilled with your work, and she'll reward you with the power Summon Spectral Assassin no matter how you completed the quest. But if you managed to kill Vittoria while she was addressing her guests, then Astrid will also throw in some gold.

1 - Thrones

2 - Main Balcony

3 - Side Balcony

  1. Entrance / exit for main balcony.
  2. Entrance / exit for side balcony.
  3. Entrance / exit for temple.




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