Imperial Legion Quest: Battle for Whiterun

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You'll receive this quest from Legate Quentin Cipius (inside Dragonsreach, #1) at the conclusion of the Imperial Legion version of the quest Message to Whiterun.


Cipius will tell you that the Stormcloaks are already marching on Whiterun, and he'll order you to meet with Legate Rikke at the barricades (#2). When you get there, Rikke will give a speech to rally the troops, and then the battle will begin. You'll be tasked with protecting the barricades and the drawbridge (#3), but it won't make any difference if you do so or not. You'll just need to kill Stormcloak soldiers until the percentage drops from 100 to 0 (which is about 30 soldiers). Once you've killed enough soldiers, the quest will end.

Note: Be careful when you attack. If you damage Hadvar, then he might turn hostile.

Another Note: Whiterun will return to normal if you fast travel to a distant location and then fast travel back.

1 - Dragonsreach

2 - Barricades

3 - Drawbridge




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