Dark Brotherhood Quest: The Silence Has Been Broken

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You'll receive this quest from Astrid in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary after completing the quest Whispers in the Dark, and after completing a Contract for Nazir.


Astrid will tell you to go ahead and follow the Night Mother's orders. That is, she'll ask you to go to Volunruud and meet with Amaund Motierre. You'll find Volunruud located a ways to the north, in the mountains in between Whiterun and Dawnstar.

When you enter Volunruud, you'll immediately stumble across the book Heddic's Volunruud Notes (#1), which will trigger the quest "Silenced Tongues." Updating this quest -- by picking up the Ceremonial Axe (#3) and the Ceremonial Sword (#4) and using them to open the door to the Elder's Cairn (Exit A) -- will allow you to defeat Kvenel (#5) and visit a Word Wall (#6), but these activities aren't required. In fact, if you head directly to Motierre (#2), then you won't have to fight anything.

When you talk to Motierre, he'll reveal that he wants you to kill three people culminating with the Emperor himself, and he'll give you two items: Amaund Motierre's Sealed Letter (to explain what he wants done) and a Jeweled Amulet (to cover your expenses). When you show these items to Astrid, she'll be impressed, and she'll consider Motierre's plan an excellent way to earn the Dark Brotherhood more fear and respect than it's had in centuries. She'll then ask you to take the amulet to Delvin Mallory of the Thieves Guild and have it appraised.

You'll find Mallory in the Ragged Flagon, which is connected to the Ratway in Riften. When you show Mallory the amulet, he'll tell you that it was uniquely crafted for a member of the Emperor's Elder Council and that it's "worth a small fortune." He'll then give you a Letter of Credit (worth 15,000 gold) for the amulet, and he'll ask you to deliver it to Astrid. When you do so, you'll complete the quest.

1 - Heddic's Volunruud Notes

2 - Amaund Motierre

3 - Ceremonial Axe / Book

Under the axe on the throne you'll find the book Mace Etiquette, which will increase your One-Handed skill by 1.

4 - Ceremonial Sword

5 - Kvenel / Chest

Kvenel will drop the weapons Eduj and Okin when he dies, and in the chest next to him you'll find the book Night Falls on Sentinel, which will increase your One-Handed skill by 1. If you don't see one of Kvenel's weapons, then you might check the ground around him, or you might check his remains multiple times. However, sometimes one of his weapons just won't show up.

6 - Word Wall

When you get close enough to the Word Wall, you'll unlock the Word of Power "Life, Aura Whisper."

  1. Doorway between Volunruud and the Elder's Cairn.
  2. World exit.




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