Thieves Guild Overview

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To join the Thieves Guild, you'll have to complete two quests for Brynjolf, who you'll meet in the Riften market. These quests are A Chance Arrangement and Taking Care of Business. After completing the quests, you'll be able to continue with the Thieves Guild quest line, and you'll also be able to restore the Thieves Guild to power. The quests for the quest line will follow one after the other. Gaining power for the guild is discussed below.

To restore the Thieves Guild to power, you'll need to complete random quests for Delvin and Vex, who can be found in the Ragged Flagon (#6):
  • Delvin will give you numbers jobs, fishing jobs, and bedlam jobs. For numbers jobs you'll need to manipulate a ledger in a shop. Since you're allowed to wander around in shops, these jobs are the easiest. For fishing jobs, you'll need to pickpocket an item from somebody. For bedlam jobs, you'll need to steal items worth a certain amount from a city. Bedlam jobs take the longest to complete.

  • Vex will give you burglary jobs, shill jobs, sweep jobs, and heist jobs. For burglary jobs, you'll need to steal an item from a house. For shill jobs, you'll need to plant an item in a house. For sweep jobs, you'll need to steal multiple objects from a house. For heist jobs, you'll need to steal an item from a shop. Since you're allowed to wander around in shops, heist jobs are the easiest.
Each time you complete a random quest, the guild will gain some influence over the city where you completed it. The guild already has influence with Riften (thanks to your work in the quest Taking Care of Business), so random quests there won't help you any. For the other four cities, you'll need to complete five random quests each, and then you'll need to complete a special quest for them. The special quests are:
After completing the special quest for a city, the Thieves Guild will return to power in that city, and you'll get at least two rewards: a new shopkeeper will appear in the Ragged Flagon (#5), and Tonilia (#6) will start out with more gold each time her stock resets. To return the Thieves Guild to power, you'll need to complete the special quest for all four cities.

Note: Since the random quests are random, it's a good idea to save before picking them up. That way you can guarantee that you're going to a city where the guild still needs to gain some influence. You can also decline the quest after learning its location, but in that case the quest will show up as failed in your quest log.

After returning the Thieves Guild to power, and after completing the Thieves Guild quest line, Brynjolf (#7) will give you the quest Under New Management. Completing that quest will make you the new Guild Master.

1 - Raised Bridge

To lower the bridge, you'll need to circle around to its southern side, where you'll find a lever.

2 - Gian the Fist

Gian will drop Gloves of the Pugilist and a Ring of Rejuvenation when he dies.

3 - Alchemy Lab

4 - Book

On the table here you'll find the book Beggar, which will increase your Pickpocket skill by 1.

5 - Shopkeepers

As you spread the influence of the Thieves Guild, new shopkeepers will show up in these alcoves.

6 - Bar

This is where you'll usually find Delvin (Sneak trainer), Dirge, Tonilia (fence), Vekel, and Vex (Lockpicking trainer).

7 - Cistern

This is where you'll usually find Brynjolf, Cynric Endell, Mercer Frey (guild master), Niruin (Archery trainer), Rune, Thrynn, and Vipir the Fleet (Pickpocket trainer).

8 - Training Room

Inside this room on a barrel you'll find the book Advances in Lockpicking, which will increase your Lockpicking skill by 1. You'll also find some locked chests that you can practice on.

9 - Vault

You'll get to enter the vault during the quest The Pursuit.

  1. Main exit to Riften.
  2. Doorway between the Ratway and the Ragged Flagon.
  3. Exit to the Ratway Vaults (not shown).
  4. Doorway between the Ragged Flagon and the Cistern.
  5. Back exit to Riften.




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