Daedric Quest: Boethiah's Calling

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After reaching level 30, copies of the book Boethiah's Proving will suddenly appear in the world (including in the inventory of a Boethiah Cultist who will possibly attack you at a random location). Reading the book will trigger the quest. You can also trigger the quest by travelling to the Sacellum of Boethiah (located east of Windhelm) after reaching level 30.

Note: The easiest way to reach the sacellum is to travel to Refugees' Rest (also located east of Windhelm) and then follow the path to the southwest up into the mountains.


When you reach the sacellum, you'll meet a Priestess of Boethiah (#1), who will instruct you about Boethiah and her cult. She'll also tell you that in order to join the cult, you'll need to lead a follower to the Pillar of Sacrifice (#3) and kill him. If Boethiah is moved by your sacrifice, and if she decides to make an appearance, then you'll be allowed in. At the end of the conversation, the priestess will give you a Blade of Sacrifice and also Boethiah's Proving if you don't yet have a copy.

You can gain numerous followers during the course of the game, usually by completing a miscellaneous quest for them. You can also get followers as housecarls when you're named thane in a city. To advance the quest, you'll need to select a follower you don't like very much and lead him up to the Pillar of Sacrifice (#3). Once there, simply talk to him and select the "I need you to do something" dialogue option, and then use the pillar. Your follower will do as he's told, and become stuck to the pillar. You'll then need to kill him. You can use any weapon or spell you like for this (the Blade of Sacrifice is optional), so if you've already completed the quest The Whispering Door, then this is a good place to improve your Ebony Blade.

After you've killed your follower, Boethiah will appear, and she'll gather all of the cultists in the arena (#2). She'll then challenge them to fight each other, and she'll offer a "special task" to whichever one survives. The cultists will immediately start fighting each other -- and you, if they should see you. So feel free to hang out by the Pillar of Sacrifice for a while, and let the cultists do your work for you. Most of the cultists will be wielding Blades of Sacrifice, so the battle should not be too tough, even if you wade in at the beginning.

Once you've finished off the cultists, Boethiah will appear again, and she'll task you with replacing her current champion, who has been a disappointment to her. She'll tell you that the champion is staying at Knifepoint Ridge with a bunch of bandits, and she'll ask you to kill them all "as silently and invisibly as you can." However, that last bit isn't required. You can do your killing in any way you want.

You'll find Knifepoint Ridge at the southwestern edge of Skyrim, located between Markarth and Falkreath. The Champion of Boethiah will be inside the Knifepoint Mine (#5), along with a few bandits and miners. You'll need to kill everybody, both inside and outside the mine. When you kill the Champion, you'll find Ebony Boots, Ebony Gauntlets, Ebony Mail, an Ebony Shield and more on his corpse. After killing everybody, when you put on the Ebony Mail (which has sort of a cool poison mist animation to it), you'll complete the quest and become Boethiah's new champion. For your reward, she'll allow you to keep the mail.

1 - Priestess of Boethiah

2 - Arena

3 - Pillar of Sacrifice

4 - Book

On the table here you'll find the book Vernaccus and Bourlor, which will increase your Archery skill by 1.

5 - Knifepoint Mine




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