Side Quest: Laid to Rest

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You'll trigger this quest when you talk to the people of Morthal (such as Jonna in the Moorside Inn, #3) and learn that a house (#2) burned down recently.


The people you talk to will inform you that Hroggar's house burned down with his wife and child inside, and that the very next day he moved in with Alva, making everybody wonder if maybe he set the fire himself. When you discuss the matter with Jarl Idgrod in Highmoon Hall (#1), she'll fill you in on any details you didn't learn previously, and she'll ask you to find out what happened.

The first thing you should do in your investigation is visit the burned house (#2). There you'll meet the ghost of Hroggar's daughter Helgi. Helgi will make you a deal. If you play hide and seek with her, then she'll tell you who set the fire. The only thing is, you'll need to hunt for Helgi at night so "the other one" can play, too.

During the night you'll find Helgi buried in a shallow grave behind her house (#4), and you'll discover that "the other one" is a vampire named Laelette. After defeating Laelette, you'll be able to talk to Helgi (by activating her coffin), but then Laelette's husband Thonnir will come running up, and he won't know what to believe. But from his story you'll come to realize that Alva must be a vampire.

To prove that Alva is a vampire, you'll need to search her house (#5), which will require you to pick open the lock on her front door (or steal the key from Hroggar). If you enter the house during the day, then you'll likely find Alva in her coffin in the cellar. Otherwise, if you enter at night, then you'll likely encounter Hroggar in the main room. Whichever one you encounter will attack you (unless you manage to sneak past them, which is easier with Alva than with Hroggar).

To advance the quest, you'll need to pick up Alva's Journal from her coffin in the cellar. It will describe how Alva met the vampire Movarth, and how the two of them planned to use the town as "cattle for our thirst." When you show the journal to Jarl Idgrod (#1), she'll ask you to kill Movarth, who you'll find in a lair just to the northeast of the town. The jarl will also send some townsfolk, including Thonnir, to help you out.

When you reach the lair, most of the townsfolk will suddenly think of reasons to go back to town, but Thonnir will offer to go in with you. Inside, you'll have to fight your way through spiders, thralls and vampires, but eventually you'll come to Movarth in the formal dining room (#6). Movarth is a spellcaster, and he might be tough for you, but he'll also probably be alone, and so with enough potions you should be able to defeat him.

Note: You might also encounter Alva in the lair. If she's alive then she'll help you defeat any vampires that she sees, and if you attack her then you'll earn a bounty. This is probably a bug. We're guessing that she's supposed to be found dead in the lair.

After defeating Movarth, when you leave the lair you'll run into Helgi (#8), and she'll finally be able to rest peacefully. Then when you return to Jarl Idgrod (#1), she'll reward you with 800 gold. Completing the quest will also complete one of the requirements for becoming Thane of Hjaalmarch, which will net you a Blade of Hjaalmarch when you earn the title.

1 - Highmoon Hall

2 - Hroggar's House

3 - Moorside Inn

4 - Helgi's Grave

5 - Alva's House

6 - Movarth

7 - End Table

On top of the end table you'll find the book 2920, Sun's Dawn, v2, which will increase your Illusion skill by 1. Next to the end table you'll find Movarth's Boots.

8 - Helgi

  1. World exit.




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