Side Quest: The Pale Lady

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The first time you approach Frostmere Crypt, you'll witness three bandits attacking Eisa Blackthorn. Eisa will win the battle easily, and afterwards she'll talk to you. Either the ensuing conversation with Eisa (if you don't attack her) or Eisa's Journal (if you do) will trigger the quest.


From Eisa or her journal you'll learn that Kyr, the bandit leader in Frostmere Crypt, recently found a magic sword of some sort, but that Eisa's partner Ra'jirr subsequently stole it, which is why you ran into Eisa as she was trying to make a hasty exit.

Note: If you kill Hajvarr at White River Watch, then you'll learn more of Eisa's and Ra'jirr's story.

As you explore the crypt, you'll have to deal with several bandits, and you'll also find some journals (at #4 and #5) that will give you some extra information about the quest, including that somebody named the Pale Lady seems to be tied to Kyr's magic sword.

When you enter Frostmere Depths (via Exit A), you'll immediately run into Kyr (#8). Kyr won't have long to live, but before he dies, he'll inform you that Ra'jirr ambushed him and is "trying to take the sword back." If you then proceed towards the altar in the center of the area (#9), you'll witness Ra'jirr getting attacked and killed by the Pale Lady, a wispmother. You'll then have two choices for what to do:
  • You can kill the Pale Lady. She'll have minion wisps and shades around, and she'll do lots of frost damage, so it's a good idea to have some sort of frost resistance before facing her. If you choose this option then you'll be able to keep the Pale Blade from Ra'jirr's corpse.

  • You can banish the Pale Lady back to her tomb. For this option you'll need to grab the Pale Blade from Ra'jirr's corpse and place it on the altar in the center of the area (#9). After a few seconds the Pale Lady and her minions will disappear, but they'll only stay gone for as long as the Pale Blade remains on the altar, so you won't be able to take it with you.
Both of the options will complete the quest. You won't receive a reward for your efforts, but you might be able to take the Pale Blade away with you, and you'll unlock a word of power at a nearby word wall (#10).

1 - Barred Door

You'll only be able to unbar this door from the western side.

2 - Armory

You might find some weapons or armor here that you can use (or at least sell).

3 - Shelf

Inside this shelf you'll find the book The Red Kitchen Reader, which will increase your Sneak skill by 1.

4 - Kyr's Room

On the nightstand in this room you'll find Kyr's Log, which will give you some background information about the quest.

5 - Barracks

On the table in this room you'll find Ra'jirr's Note and perhaps Eisa's Journal (if you didn't kill her earlier), which will give you some background information about the quest.

6 - Lever (Upper Level)

Pulling this lever will open the way into the central chamber (#7).

7 - Central Chamber

8 - Kyr

9 - Altar

10 - Word Wall

When you get close enough to this word wall, you'll unlock the word of power for "ice, ice form."

  1. Main door between Frostmere Crypt and Frostmere Depths.
  2. Back door between Frostmere Crypt and Frostmere Depths.
  3. World exit.




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