Selected Miscellaneous Quests
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College of Winterhold

Drevis Neloren. Drevis will ask you to cleanse the "various points of focus for magic energies around the college" (they're the blue glowing beams of light), and he'll give you a pair of Mystic Tuning Gloves for the job. Each time you cleanse one of the focus points, you'll receive a random soul gem. Drevis won't give you a reward at the end.

Brelyna Maryon. Brelyna will ask you to help her with a spell, but when she casts it on you, you'll turn green! This spell will last for 11 minutes, but you can shave off 3 minutes for each hour that you wait, and so you can remove the effect by waiting for 4 hours. When you're back to your regular appearance, Brelyna will try her spell on you again, and this time she'll change you into a series of animals before returning you to your proper form. Afterwards, she'll reward you with a random enchanted necklace, and she'll become available as a follower.


Rustleif. You'll find Rustleif either inside his house or working at his forge. He'll ask you to track down a copy of the book Night Falls on Sentinel. When you deliver it to him, he'll train you in Smithing.

Frostflow Lighthouse

• When you enter the lighthouse (located between Dawnstar and Winterhold), you'll discover the body of Ramati, and you'll be tasked with solving the murder of her and her family. In the main part of the lighthouse you'll find a dead chaurus, and you'll learn (from three journals) that the infestation originated in the cellar. To enter the cellar, you'll either need to pick the lock on the door or grab the key from the burial urn on the mantle over the fireplace.

Inside the cellar, you'll discover the entrance to the Frostflow Abyss, where you'll encounter falmers, chauruses and spiders, and you'll find the bodies of the rest of the family. At the end of the cave system you'll encounter a chaurus reaper, and killing it will complete the objective. But note: on the reaper's corpse you'll find Habd's Remains (plus the lighthouse upper level key), and if you deposit the remains in the brazier at the top of the lighthouse, then you'll receive the Sailor's Repose bonus, which will improve your healing spells by 10%.


Klimmek. At the bridge north of the city, you might hear Klimmek complaining about the climb to High Hrothgar. If you offer to make his delivery for him, then he'll give you some supplies for the Greybeards. To accomplish this, you'll need to climb the "7,000 steps" leading to High Hrothgar and then place the supplies in the chest that you'll find just outside the entrance. After doing so, when you return to Klimmek, he'll reward you with 1000 gold.

Narfi. You'll meet Narfi in the ruined house on the western side of town. He'll tell you that his sister Reyda is missing, and he'll direct you to Wilhelm the innkeeper for more information. Wilhelm, meanwhile, will tell you that Reyda used to gather herbs on the island to the east, but his information is misleading. You'll discover a skeleton and Reyda's Satchel in the river south of town (near the bridge), and inside the satchel you'll find Reyda's Necklace, plus some random ingredients. When you bring the necklace to Narfi, he'll reward you with two or three more random ingredients no matter what you say to him.

Temba Wide-Arm. You'll meet Temba near the mill, and she'll ask you to kill some bears for her. When you bring Temba ten bear pelts (of any type), she'll reward you with a random enchanted weapon.

Wilhelm. When you talk to Wilhelm in the Vilemyr Inn, he'll warn you that a spirit guards the Shroud Hearth Barrow to the east, and that an adventurer named Wyndelius recently dared to go inside -- and was never seen again. Inside the barrow, Wyndelius's spirit will attack you, and afterwards when you read Wyndelius's Journal (found on a table), you'll learn that Wyndelius was searching the barrow for a dragon claw and a burial chamber, and that he was using Philters of the Phantom to scare the locals away.

When you bring Wyndelius's Journal to Wilhelm, you'll complete the quest, and Wilhelm will reward you with the Sapphire Dragon Claw that Wyndelius had been looking for. The claw will allow you to pass through the puzzle door in the barrow (the combination from top to bottom is moth, owl, wolf), and when you reach the burial chamber, you'll find a word wall with the word of power "Kyne, Kyne's Peace" on it.

Note: On your way to the burial chamber, you'll come to a puzzle bridge. The combination is (from left to right) whale, eagle, snake, whale. You can figure this out by going into the room next to it and standing on the pressure plate, and watching the symbols that the revolving doors reveal.

Left Hand Mine

Skaggi Scar-Face or Pavo Attius. When you talk to Skaggi or Pavo, you'll learn that the Forsworn have taken over the Kolskeggr Mine located to the east. After clearing out the mine, when you return to Skaggi or Pavo, you'll receive 1250 gold. You can also pick up a lot of Gold Ore in the Kolskeggr Mine.


Ghorza gra-Bagol. You'll usually find Ghorza at her forge on the southern side of the city. She'll ask you to keep an eye open for the book Last Scabbard of Akrash so she can use it to instruct her apprentice. You can find the book in Gallows Rock or in the Fort Sungard Muster. When you deliver the book to Ghorza, she'll train you in Smithing.


Idgrod the Younger. You'll usually find Idgrod (the jarl's daughter) wandering around town during the day and sleeping in Highmoon Hall at night. She'll ask you to deliver a note to Danica Pure-Spring in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. When you do, you'll receive 500 gold.

Lami. You'll meet Lami in the Thaumaturgist's Hut. She'll ask you to track down the book Song of the Alchemists. You'll find it in the common room of the Bards College in Solitude. It'll be sitting in plain sight, but you'll have to steal it. If stealth isn't your thing, then just wait until night when the bards go to sleep. When you deliver the book to Lami, she'll train you in Alchemy.

Moss Mother Cavern

Valdr. You'll find Valdr sitting outside the cavern. Once you've healed him (using a potion or a spell), he'll tell you that his hunting party got ambushed by spriggans inside, and he'll ask you to help him defeat them so he can bury his men. Inside the cavern, you'll have to defeat three spriggans (plus probably a bear), but once you've done that Valdr will reward you with Valdr's Lucky Dagger.


Balimund. You'll usually find Balimund outside the Scorched Hammer. He'll ask you to bring him ten Fire Salts for his forge. When you do, he'll reward you with some gold.

Bolli. Bolli will ask you to deliver a Purchase Agreement to Kleppr at the Silver Blood Inn in Markarth. When you do, you'll receive some metal ingots as your reward.

Dinya Balu. You'll find Dinya in the Temple of Mara. After completing the quest The Book of Love, Dinya will ask you to distribute 20 missives to the people of Riften. Most named adults in the city (including at the stables) will take a missive, and once you've passed out all 20, Dinya will reward you with a healing potion.

Harrald. You'll usually find Harrald sparring next to Mistveil Keep. He'll ask you to retrieve his sword from Balimund at the Scorched Hammer. When you perform this great task, you'll receive some random gems.

Ingun Black-Briar. You'll usually find Ingun in Elgrim's Elixirs or in Black-Briar Manor. She'll ask you to track down 20 each of Deathbell, Nightshade and Nirnroot. Each time you bring her enough of an ingredient, you'll earn some gold, and then when you've completed the entire task, Ingun will give you Ingun's Supply Chest Key, which will unlock Ingun's Alchemy Chest inside Elgrim's Elixirs. Ingun will fill the chest with a few potions every few days.

Madesi. You'll usually find Madesi at his stall in the market. He'll ask you to bring him some supplies for his jewelry business: two Flawless Sapphires, a Mammoth Tusk, and Gold Ore. Each item you bring him will earn you some gold, and then when you've completed the task he'll give you a random piece of jewelry.

Marise Aravel. When you ask Marise how she keeps her food fresh, she'll tell you about Ice Wraith Teeth, and she'll ask you to bring her five of them. When you do, she'll reward you with five Pheasant Breasts and a random spell tome.

Talen-Jei. You'll find Talen-Jei in the Bee and Barb. He'll ask you to track down three Flawless Amethysts so he can craft a special wedding ring for Keerava. When you bring Talen-Jei what he wants, he'll reward you with a random potion.

Vekel the Man. You'll find Vekel in the Ragged Flagon (which is connected to the Ratway). He'll ask you to track down the necromancer Arondil's journal, and he'll recommend that you look in Yngvild. Inside Yngvild, you'll find the journal in four parts, where each part will be in plain sight on a table. You'll find the first three parts of Yngvild and the final part in the Yngvild Throne Room. When you deliver the journal to Vekel, he'll thank you but he won't give you anything, and he won't collect the journal parts.

Wujeeta. You'll usually find Wujeeta at the docks. She'll tell you that she's a skooma addict and that she's just about to lose her job because of it -- unless you can spare her a healing potion. If you give her one (the game will automatically select the least valuable one in your inventory), then she'll reward you with a random piece of jewelry.

Wujeeta (2). After helping Wujeeta, you'll automatically receive an objective to identify Riften's skooma dealer. If you ask Wujeeta, then you'll get bribe, intimidate, and persuade options with her, and she'll tell you that the dealer is Sarthis Idren, who runs his operation from the Riften Warehouse. When you report this to Riften's jarl, you'll receive the Riften Warehouse Key, which will allow you to enter the warehouse and meet Sarthis and his bodyguard, who will attack you and probably die quickly. On Sarthis' corpse, you'll discover Sarthis's Key, which will unlock a room in the warehouse's basement. Inside the room, you'll find the note Shipment's Ready (in Sarthis's satchel), which will identify Cragslane Cavern as the source of the skooma. When you report this to the jarl, she'll ask you to clear out the cavern. After doing so, the jarl will reward you with a random enchanted weapon.

Wylandriah. You'll find Wylandriah in Mistveil Keep. She'll ask you to retrieve three items for her: an Orichalcum Ingot from the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold, Wylandriah's Soul Gem from the White Phial in Windhelm, and Wylandriah's Spoon from Fellstar Farm in Ivarstead. When you bring the items back to her, Wylandriah will reward you with some random scrolls.


Faendal and Sven. When you talk to either of these men, you'll learn that they don't like each other very much, and that they're both vying for the attentions of Camilla Valerius. The man you talk to will give you a fake letter from his competitor, and he'll ask you to deliver to Camilla, who usually hangs out in the Riverwood Trader. At this point you'll have a variety of options for what to do -- you can reveal the plan to the competitor (who will then ask you to deliver a letter of his own), you can tell Camilla about the plan, or you can simply deliver the letter -- but your choice will come down to helping one man and hurting the other. The man you help will become available as a follower, and the man you hurt will hire some thugs, and they'll ambush you at some point in the future.


Erik. You'll usually find Erik in the fields or in the Frostfruit Inn. He'll tell you that he'd like to become an adventurer, but that his father Mralki won't allow it. When you talk to Mralki, you'll get options to bribe, intimidate or persuade him. If you're successful, then Erik will turn into Erik the Slayer, and you'll be able to hire him (for 500 gold) to be a follower.

Sarethi Farm

Avrusa Sarethi. When you ask Sarethi why she looks tired, she'll tell you that harvesting Nirnroot is hard work, and she'll ask you to bring her 20 Jazbay Grapes. When you do, she'll reward you with some random potions.

Soljund's Sinkhole

Perth. When you approach Soljund's Sinkhole, Perth will warn you that the mine is crawling with draugr. If you eliminate the draugr, then Perth will reward you with 1250 gold. You can also pick up some Moonstore Ore in the mine, and you can find the book Jornibret's Last Dance, which will increase your Light Armor skill by 1.


Amren. When you first explore Whiterun, you might notice Amren having an argument with his wife Saffir near the market. If you ask Amren what the problem is, then he'll tell you that thieves stole his family sword, and he'll ask you to retrieve it. You'll find the thieves at a random location (including Halted Stream Camp and White River Watch). When you track down the sword and return it to Amren, he'll train you in One-Handed and Block.

Olava the Feeble. If you complete the bonus objective during the quest Breaching Security, then you'll receive Olava's Token, which you'll be able to use with Olava to receive a reading. Olava will give you some vague predictions about a cave, blood, and "a stalker of the sands," but then she'll direct you to Deepwood Redoubt and Hag's End, where you'll find Ancient Shrouded Armor, Ancient Shrouded Boots, an Ancient Shrouded Cowl, and Ancient Shrouded Gloves on the remains of a Dark Brotherhood assassin.

Ysolda. You'll usually find Ysolda at the market or inside the Bannered Mare. If you talk to her about becoming a merchant, then she'll ask you to find her a Mammoth Tusk. When you bring her one, she'll train you in Speech.


Revyn Sadri. You'll meet Revyn inside Sadri's Used Wares. He'll tell you that he mistakenly purchased a ring belonging to Viola Giordano, and he'll ask you to stealthily return it to her. You'll have two options for this. You can do as Revyn asks and pick the lock on Viola's front door (or steal the key from her) and then place Viola's Gold Ring into the dresser by the door, or you can tell Viola (usually found wandering the streets or lounging in Candlehearth Hall) what happened and give her ammunition against Revyn. You'll earn gold from whichever person you help.


Haran. You'll find Haran in the Frozen Hearth. If you ask her what's wrong with Ranmir, then she'll tell you that he owes the inn quite a bit of money for all the drinking he's done. When you talk to Ranmir (also in the inn) about his debt, you'll get bribe, intimidate, and persuade options to solve the problem. Afterwards, when you return to Haran, she'll reward you with two random low-level items.

Malur Seloth. You'll meet Malur in the Jarl's Longhouse. He'll ask you to steal a Staff of Arcane Authority from Nelacar's room at the Frozen Hearth. You'll find the staff in a shelf, and you should be able to steal it easily since the shelf will block you from view. When you deliver the staff to Malur, he'll train you in Speech.

Jarl Korir. You'll find Korir in the Jarl's Longhouse. He'll ask you to retrieve the Helm of Winterhold from Yngvild. You'll find the helm in a chest in the Throne Room. When you deliver it to Korir, he'll reward you with some gold.

Various Locations

Red Eagle. Upon reading the book The Legend of Red Eagle, you'll receive a quest to locate Red Eagle's sword, which you'll find by fighting your way through the forsworn at Red Eagle Redoubt and Sundered Towers. You'll find the sword, Red Eagle's Fury, on the body of a forsworn boss (probably a briarheart). When you pick up the sword, you'll receive a new objective to discover the secret of Red Eagle's tomb.

You'll find the tomb inside Rebel's Cairn. To get inside, you'll have to insert Red Eagle's Fury into a pedestal near the entrance, which will cause a secret door to open. Inside the tomb, you'll have to fight Red Eagle and some skeletons, but you'll find some (probably good) random loot inside a chest. After killing Red Eagle, if you remove his sword from the pedestal, then it will turn into Red Eagle's Bane.




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