Thieves Guild Quest: Trinity Restored

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You'll receive this quest immediately after completing the quest The Pursuit.


When you approach Karliah and Brynjolf in the Cistern, they'll discuss Mercer Frey's crimes, and they'll decide that he must die. However, before confronting him, Karliah will suggest that you prepare yourselves, and she'll ask you to meet her at the standing stone (not the Shadow Stone) located to the south of Riften. When you get there, she'll lead you into Nightingale Hall.

Inside Nightingale Hall, Karliah will recruit you and Brynjolf into the Nightingales. First off, you'll need to activate the Nightingale Armor Stone (#2), which will produce for you a full suit of Nightingale armor -- Nightingale Armor, Nightingale Boots, Nightingale Gloves, and a Nightingale Hood. These items are leveled, and you'll get the best version if you're at least level 32.

After donning the suit, Karliah will describe the "transaction" required to become a Nightingale: you'll be provided with "all the power and knowledge befitting a Nightingale," but you'll have to defend the Twilight Sepulcher, even after your death. There isn't any way to complete the quest without agreeing to this deal.

Assuming you agree, Karliah will lead you into the Audience Chamber (#3), and she'll ask you to stand on the western glyph. Once you've done this, Karliah will start a conversation with Nocturnal, and she'll strike the deal to make you all Nightingales. Afterwards, she'll reveal what Mercer did -- he stole a Skeleton Key from the Twilight Sepulcher, and he's been using it to rob the Thieves Guild and others ever since. Nocturnal was angered by Mercer's betrayal, which is why the Thieves Guild has had such bad luck lately. To get the guild back on Nocturnal's good side, you'll need to return the key to the sepulcher.

Before leaving the hall, you'll need to speak with Brynjolf. He'll inform you that he and Karliah think you'd make a good master of the Thieves Guild -- once the current master has been dealt with, of course -- and he'll reveal that he's been studying Mercer's Plans, and that he thinks the Eyes of the Falmer -- and thus Mercer -- can be found in Irkngthand.

1 - Book

On the ground here next to a broken bed, you'll find the book Purloined Shadows, which will increase your Pickpocket skill by 1.

2 - Nightingale Armor Stone

3 - Audience Chamber

  1. World exit.




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