Side Quest: Repairing the Phial
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At some point after completing the quests The White Phial and The Throat of the World, a courier will come up to you and give you a Letter from Quintus Navale. Reading the letter will trigger the quest.


When you read the letter, you'll learn that Quintus thinks he has a way to repair the Cracked White Phial that you found during the quest The White Phial. When you then make your way over to Windhelm to visit with Quintus (in the shop the White Phial), he'll tell you that he needs three "crucial elements" to fix the phial:
  • Briar Heart. These are dropped by forsworn briarhearts. The quest marker will point you to one somewhere in Skyrim, but any briarheart will do. You can also sometimes buy Briar Hearts from alchemists, including Quintus.

  • Mammoth Tusk Powder. You'll find this in a bowl in the giant camp at Stonehill Bluff (located south of Dawnstar). You won't have to steal the powder, and the giant won't mind if you take it.

  • Unmelting Snow. You'll find this in an unmelting snowbank at the Throat of the World.
When you deliver the items to Quintus, he'll successfully repair the vial, and he'll run upstairs to show it to Nurelion -- who will promptly die from happiness. Saddened by Nurelion's death, Quintus will give you the phial and allow you to keep it, but he'll ask you how you'd like it aligned. This will decide what kind of potion the phial will hold. You'll get six choices:
  • "I'd like it to have the power of healing" - The potion will restore 100 points of Health.

  • "I want to resist the forces of magic" - The potion will increase Magic Resistance by 20% for 60 seconds.

  • "I want to be tougher in battle" - The potion will increase Stamina by 20 points for 300 seconds.

  • "I want to strengthen my magical skills" - The potion will increase Magicka by 20 points for 300 seconds.

  • "I want to deal more damage in battle" - The potion will increase One-Handed weapon damage by 50% for 60 seconds.

  • "I want to be better hidden in the shadows" - The potion will increase Sneak by 20% for 60 seconds.
The potion you select will appear in your inventory as The White Phial (Full). When you drink it, the phial will turn into The White Phial (Empty) for 24 hours, and then it will refill itself and become The White Phial (Full) again. That means you'll be able to use the selected potion once per day.




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