Companions Quest: Proving Honor

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After completing the quest Take up Arms plus one random Companions quest, when you talk to any of the main Companions, they'll tell you that Skjor is looking for you.


When you talk to Skjor, he'll tell you that he's learned that a Fragment of Wuuthrad (a piece of the weapon belonging to the founder of the Companions) is located at Dustman's Cairn, and that you'll need to retrieve it to pass your final trial to become a Companion. To help you out in this endeavor, Skjor will allow you to take Farkas along with you as a Shield-Sibling. To get Farkas to travel to the cairn, just talk to him.

When you reach Dustman's Cairn (located to the northwest of Whiterun), you'll find Farkas already there, and he'll begin following you. Then inside the cairn, you'll discover that somebody else has already been there, but that at least they've killed off some of the draugr for you.

A short ways into the cairn you'll come to a chamber with a closed gate (#2). To open the gate, you'll need to head into the small room to the north and pull a lever. However, when you do, you'll get locked inside the room, and Farkas will get attacked by agents of the Silver Hand. Farkas will then reveal a secret of the Companions -- he'll transform into a werewolf and defeat the ambush easily. Afterwards, he'll release you from the lever room and encourage you to keep searching for the fragment.

Note: You'll discover Silver Swords and Silver Greatswords on the corpses of the Silver Hand. You might find these weapons useful against the draugr in the cairn.

As you continue exploring, you'll encounter more draugr, more Silver Hand agents, and even some spiders, but eventually you'll come to the main burial chamber, where you'll find an altar with the Fragment of Wuuthrad on it (#4). Without too much surprise, when you pick up the fragment, the sarcophagi in the room will begin opening up, and you'll have to defeat a large group of draugr, including a draugr boss of some sort. Conveniently, one of the opened sarcophagi will lead to a secret tunnel, which will give you an easy path back to the entrance of the cairn (via Exit B).

When you return to Jorrvaskr in Whiterun, you'll meet Vilkas out front. He'll guide you to the practice grounds in back, where Kodlak will lead a ceremony admitting you into the Companions. Afterwards, Kodlak will direct you to Eorlund, who will offer to make you a skyforged weapon. You'll then have to choose between a Skyforge Steel Battleaxe, a Skyforge Steel Dagger, a Skyforge Steel Greatsword, a Skyforge Steel Sword, or a Skyforge Steel War Axe.

1 - Book

On the table here you'll find the book Battle of Sancre Tor, which will increase your Two-Handed skill by 1.

2 - Gated Chamber

3 - Locked Door

To unlock this door (#3), you'll need to loot the Dustman's Cairn Key from a nearby chest (#3a).

4 - Altar / Word Wall

When you get close enough to the word wall, you'll gain access to the word of power "fire, fire breath."

  1. Doorway between Dustman's Cairn and Dustman's Crypt.
  2. Secret door. You'll only be able to use this exit after acquiring the Fragment of Wuuthrad (#4).
  3. World exit.




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