Thieves Guild Quest: Silver Lining

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You'll receive this quest from Delvin in the Ragged Flagon after completing five random quests (from Delvin or Vex) in Markarth.


Delvin will direct you to a silversmith named Endon in Markarth. You'll find him in the Silver-Blood Inn. When you talk to Endon, he'll tell you that an "irreplaceable" silver mold was stolen by Rigel Strong-Arm and his bandit gang at Pinewatch, and he'll ask you to get it back. You'll find Pinewatch located far to the southeast of Markarth, near Falkreath.

Inside Pinewatch, you'll have to battle numerous bandits, including Rigel (#4), but you'll find Endon's Silver Mold sitting on a table in the treasure room at the end (#6). When you hand over the mold to Endon, he'll reward you in three ways: he'll give you a random enchanted piece of armor, he'll promise you the support of Markarth, and he'll become a fence for you. Completing the quest will also cause a new merchant to appear in the Ragged Flagon, and Tonilia (in the Ragged Flagon) will start out with more gold each time her stock resets.

1 - Shelf (Basement)

To the right of the shelf you'll find a button. Pressing the button will cause the shelf to swing open, revealing a secret tunnel behind it.

2 - Barred Door

You'll only be able to open this door from the eastern side (that is, when you leave the Bandit's Sanctuary via Exit B).

3 - Unknown Gem / Stone of Barenziah

In a shelf in the locked room here, you'll find an Unusual Gem / Stone of Barenziah, which you'll need for the quest No Stone Unturned.

4 - Rigel Strong-Arm

Rigel will drop the Pinewatch Key and the Pinewatch Treasure Room Key when she dies.

5 - Locked Door

To open this door, you'll either need to pick its "master" lock, or you'll need to pick up the Pinewatch Treasure Room Key from Rigel (#4).

6 - Treasure Room

Inside the treasure room, you'll find Endon's Silver Mold, plus a variety of gems, ore, and more.

  1. Entrance to the Bandit's Sanctuary.
  2. Exit from the Bandit's Sanctuary.




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