Daedric Quest: A Night to Remember
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Upon reaching level 14, you should encounter Sam Guevenne in the next tavern that you visit. Sam will challenge you to a drinking game using "very strong stuff," and he'll offer you a staff if you can defeat him. After three drinks you'll win the battle, but soon afterwards you'll black out, and when you finally wake up, you'll find yourself in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth. Waking up will trigger the quest.


When you wake up, you'll meet a priestess named Senna. She'll call you a drunken blasphemer, and she'll accuse you of fondling the statuary and throwing trash around the temple. If you bribe Senna or pass a persuasion check, then she'll tell you that when you came in, you mumbled something about Rorikstead. Otherwise, you'll have to pick up the trash (including the note Repair Supplies) and apologize to Senna to get that information.

Note: Repair Supplies will mention some items required for repairing the staff. It isn't actually necessary to collect these items.

In Rorikstead, when you get close enough to the farmer Ennis, he'll begin berating you for selling his goat Gleda to the giant Grok. If you successfully use bribery, intimidation or persuasion on Ennis, then he'll tell you that you mentioned something about repaying Ysolda in Whiterun before stealing his goat. Otherwise, you'll have to retrieve Gleda to get the information.

You'll find the Gleda and Grok wandering around to the south of Rorikstead. Like all giants, Grok will start out neutral to you, but when you talk to Gleda and cause her to start following you, Grok will get angry and attack. However, Grok won't follow you very far, so if you just turn tail and run back to Rorikstead, then you won't have to fight him. To learn about Ysolda in Whiterun, you'll just need to lead Gleda to Ennis and talk to him.

In Whiterun, when you talk to Ysolda, she'll tell you that she sold you a Wedding Ring, which you haven't paid for yet, and that if there isn't going to be a wedding, then she'd like to get it back. If you successfully use bribery, intimidation or persuasion on Ysolda, then she'll tell you that you planned to have the wedding in Morvunskar. Otherwise, you'll have to return the ring to get the information. For this case, Ysolda will tell you that you probably gave the ring to your fiancée in Witchmist Grove.

When you reach Witchmist Grove, you'll discover that your fiancée is a hagraven named Moira. She'll get upset when you ask for the Wedding Ring back, and she'll attack you. Afterwards, you'll just need to loot the ring from Moira and deliver it to Ysolda to get the information about Morvunskar.

In Morvunskar, you'll encounter a bunch of mages, both inside and out, but eventually you'll come to the throne room (on the eastern side) where a spherical portal will appear. When you step through the portal, you'll arrive in Misty Grove, where you'll meet Sam again. Sam will introduce himself as Sanguine, the Daedric Lord of Debauchery, and he'll tell you how happy he is that you were able to "spread merriment" throughout Skyrim. He'll then give you the staff Sanguine Rose, and he'll teleport you to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

Note: You can find two skill books in Morvunskar: Cherim's Heart (on a table near the forge), which will increase your Smithing skill by 1, and Mystery of Talara, v3 (in a shelf near the incineration room), which will increase your Destruction skill by 1.




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