Side Quest: The Forsworn Conspiracy

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The first time you enter Markarth, you'll witness a man named Weylin shout "The Reach belongs to the Forsworn!" before attacking a woman named Margret (#1). If you're quick, then you can kill Weylin before he kills Margret. Otherwise, Weylin will continue unhindered, and afterwards the city guards will descend upon him and cut him down before anyone can ask him any questions. If Margret survives then she'll give you a Silver Emerald Necklace, and the quest will change only slightly. But either way, after the incident a man named Eltrys will come up to you can slip you Eltrys' Note, which will invite you to meet with him at the Shrine of Talos (#5). Reading the note will trigger the quest.


When you meet with Eltrys at the Shrine of Talos (#5), he'll tell you that these Forsworn attacks have been going on for years, but that the city guards keep covering them up. He'll then ask you to investigate Margret and Weylin, and see what you can find. To help you out, he'll tell you that Margret was staying at the Silver-Blood Inn (#2) and that Weylin lived in the Warrens (#6).


There are two ways to learn more about Margret:
  • If Margret is still alive, then you'll find her in the common room of the Silver-Blood Inn (#2). When you talk to her there, if you can pass a bribe, intimidate or persuade check, then she'll admit to being an agent of the Imperials, and she'll tell you that she was looking into Thonar Silver-Blood, the Treasury House (#4), and Cidhna Mine (#7).

  • If Margret is dead, then you'll need to gain access to her room. There are a few ways to do this. You can loot the Key to Margret's Room from her corpse (#1), you can steal the key from behind the counter in the inn (#2), you can convince Kleppr the innkeeper to give you the key, or you can pick open the "adept" lock on her door (her room is the only one locked). Inside the end table in Margret's room you'll find Margret's Journal, which will point you towards Thonar Silver-Blood and the Treasury House (#4).
Either way, when you exit the Silver-Blood Inn, you'll be stopped by a city guard who will encourage you to stop your investigation.


To learn about Weylin, you'll need to enter the Warrens (#6). Inside, you'll meet Garvey. If you can pass a bribe, intimidate or persuade check, then he'll give you the Key to Weylin's Room. Otherwise, you'll need to steal the key from Garvey, or pick the "novice" lock on Weylin's door. Inside a chest in Weylin's Room you'll find a note from "N."

When you exit the Warrens, you'll be confronted by a man named Dryston. He'll accuse you of "digging around where you don't belong," and then he'll start a brawl with you. After defeating Dryston, he'll reveal that "N" is Nepos the Nose.

Thonar Silver-Blood

To learn about Thonar, you'll need to go to the Treasury House (#4). Inside, you should speak with Rhiada at the front desk. If you tell her that you want to see Thonar and pass a bribe, intimidate or persuade check, then the door to Thonar's room will unlock, and she'll invite you to see him. You can also just pick the "apprentice" lock on the door.

Inside Thonar's room, you'll have two ways to proceed:
  • You can pickpocket Thonar's Journal from Thonar. The journal will reveal that Thonar has been keeping Madanach, the Forsworn "King in Rags," in Cidhna Mine (#7).

  • You can talk to Thonar. No matter what you say to him, he'll throw you out of his room, but at the same time, Nana Ildene and Donnel will attack and kill Thonar's wife Betrid in the main part of the Treasury House. After dispatching the assassins, when you talk to Thonar again, he'll tell you that he's been keeping Madanach in Cidhna Mine (#7).
Note: In Thonar's room you'll find an Unusual Gem / Stone of Barenziah, which you'll need for the quest No Stone Unturned.

Nepos the Nose

To learn about Nepos, you'll need to go to his house (#3). Inside, you'll meet his maid Uaile. No matter what you say to her, she'll send you on your way, but Nepos will intervene and allow you to enter. You'll then have two ways to gather information:
  • You can pickpocket Nepos's Journal from Nepos. The journal will reveal that Nepos has been relaying Madanach's assassination orders to various people in the city.

  • You can talk to Nepos. He'll reveal his relationship with Madanach, but then everybody in the house will turn hostile, and you'll have to kill them.
Note: Near one of the beds in Nepos's house, you'll find the book Mystery of Talara, Part 4, which will increase your Illusion skill by 1.


After investigating all four people, when you return to Eltrys at the Shrine of Talos (#5), you'll discover that he's been killed, and three city guards will try to "arrest" you. If you want, you can kill the guards, but then all of the city guards in Markarth will turn against you. When you eventually submit, you'll get thrown into Cidhna Mine (#7), and you'll trigger the follow-up quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine.

Note: If you return to Eltrys before completing your investigation, then he'll give you gold for each person you've looked into. So you can receive up to three gold rewards from him.

1 - Marketplace

2 - Silver-Blood Inn

3 - Nepos's House

4 - The Treasury House

5 - Shrine of Talos

6 - The Warrens

7 - Cidhna Mine

  1. World exit.




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