Side Quest: The Blessings of Nature

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You'll receive this quest from Danica Pure-Spring in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.


Danica will ask you to help her revive the great Gildergreen tree just outside the temple, but she'll inform you that to collect the sap necessary for the job, you'll first need to acquire a weapon called Nettlebane from the hagravens at Orphan Rock. You'll find Orphan Rock located to the south of Whiterun. You can reach it by fast traveling to Helgen and then heading east.

At Orphan Rock, you'll encounter some hags and a hagraven (#1), so it's a good idea to pick up some form of magic resistance before heading out. The hags won't drop much when they die, but the hagraven will drop Nettlebane. You'll also find a couple of chests ($) in the area.

When you return to Danica with Nettlebane, she'll ask you to head over to the Eldergleam Sanctuary and pick up the sap. Before you can leave the temple, a pilgrim named Maurice Jondrelle will come up to you and ask you if he can tag along. Jondrelle will give you an extra option for completing the quest, so it's a good idea to agree to his request. But be careful. Jondrelle can get killed, and he's only wearing clothing, so you might want to scout the path to the sanctuary before joining up with him; that way you can just fast travel to the sanctuary from Whiterun and avoid the possibility of running into a dragon.

You'll find the Eldergleam Sanctuary located to the east of Whiterun. Inside, a path will take you right to the Eldergleam Tree (#4), but roots (#3) will block your path. To clear the way, you'll need to equip Nettlebane and take some swings at the roots. That should cause them to withdraw. After you've removed all the roots, you'll have two options for completing the quest:
  • If you have Jondrelle with you, then he'll be horrified by your actions, and he won't want any part in harming the Eldergleam. If you agree to try out a less "barbaric" approach, then Jondrelle will walk over to the tree and pray at it, and an Eldergleam Sapling will appear on the ground in front of him. If you then take the sapling to Danica, you'll be able to complete the quest with that instead of the sap she asked for.

  • If you don't have Jondrelle with you, or if you don't like his plan, then you can activate the Eldergleam to receive Eldergleam Sap. However, when you do this, several spriggans will appear in the sanctuary and start attacking everybody inside, including Asta and Sond (#2). Jondrelle, if he's around, will turn hostile as well. If you're playing a low level character, then your best bet might be to simply flee out of the sanctuary, since the spriggans won't follow you outside. But regardless of what you do, when you deliver the sap to Danica, you'll complete the quest.
Either way, when return to Danica, she'll thank you for your help, and she'll become available as a master trainer for Restoration Magic.

1 - Hagraven

2 - Skill Book

Leaning against the rock here you'll find the book Mystery of Talara, v 2, which will increase your Restoration skill by 1. Nearby, you'll meet two visitors to the sanctuary named Asta and Sond.

3 - Roots

4 - Eldergleam Tree

  1. World exit.




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