Side Quest: The Book of Love
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You'll receive this quest from Dinya Balu when you talk to her in the Temple of Mara in Riften.


Dinya will tell you that Mara is the goddess of love and marriage, and she'll ask you to spread love in three places in Skyrim:
  • In Ivarstead, you'll have to help Fastred choose between Bassianus and Klimmek. To do this, you'll need to talk to Fastred (who will tell you about Bassianus), Fastred's mother Boti (who will tell you that she supports Bassianus), and Fastred's father Jofthor (who will tell you about Klimmek). It won't make any difference which suitor you choose. If you want Fastred to marry Bassianus, then you should talk to him and tell him what Boti said. If you want Fastred to marry Klimmek, then you should encourage him to share his feelings with Fastred. Either way, the suitor you talk to will rush off to see Fastred, and the quest will update once they've spoken to each other. You'll then need to return to Dinya for your next assignment.

  • In Markarth, you'll need to help Calcelmo. You'll find him in the southern part of Understone Keep. When you talk to him there, he'll tell you that he's interested in Faleen, but that he doesn't know what to say when he's around her. Calcelmo will then send you to the bard Yngvar for advice. Yngvar will reveal that Faleen likes poetry, and he'll offer to sell you a poem for 200 gold. There isn't any way to avoid this; you'll have to pay Yngvar to get the poem. When you show the poem to Faleen in the throne room of Understone Keep, she'll be delighted, and she'll give you a letter for Calcelmo. When you show the letter to Calcelmo, he'll rush off to see Faleen, and the quest will update once they've spoken to each other. You'll then need to return to Dinya for your next assignment.

    Note: Depending on what you've done previously in the game, Faleen might be in Solitude, and Yngvar might be in Windhelm.

  • At Gjukar's Monument, you'll need to reunite a pair of long-dead lovers. To do this, you'll need to put on an Amulet of Mara (Dinya will give you one), travel to the monument, and then talk to the ghost of Ruki. Ruki will tell you that she's searching for her husband Fenrig, who was marching with Gjukar's host when it was defeated at the site of the monument. If you travel a ways to the northeast, then you'll eventually discover the ghost of Fenrig at the site of Gjukar's former camp. When you talk to him there, he'll begin following you, and you'll need to lead him back to Ruki. The quest will update once the two lovers have spoken to each other.
After completing these three tasks, when you return to Dinya, she'll reward you with the Agent of Mara bonus, which will increase your magic resistance by 15%.




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