Daedric Quest: The Taste of Death

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When you explore the city of Markarth, you'll discover that the Hall of the Dead is locked (with "adept" locks). Then when you enter Understone Keep, you'll witness Thongvor and Brother Verulus discussing the situation, with Thongvor angrily wanting to visit his ancestors, and Verulus stating that there's a reason why the Hall of the Dead is closed.

Afterwards, when you talk to Thongvor, if you can pass a bribery, intimidation or persuasion check, then he'll reveal that the bodies inside the Hall are being eaten, and he'll give you his Markarth Hall of the Dead Key so you can investigate the matter. Inside the Hall, you'll meet a woman named Eola. She'll assume that you're a cannibal, no matter what you say to her, and she'll invite you to meet with her at Reachcliff Cave. This conversation will trigger the quest.

Note: If you return to Verulus and tell him that the Hall is now safe, he'll reward you with an Amulet of Arkay.

Another Note: If you continue exploring the Hall after meeting with Eola, then you'll find the book 2920, Rain's Hand, v4 near the Shrine of Arkay. Reading the book will increase your Restoration skill by 1.


Reachcliff Cave is located to the southeast of Markarth. When you get there, you'll find Eola waiting for you outside. She'll ask you to clear the draugr out of the cave, and she'll offer to join you as a follower to help you out. Inside the cave you'll encounter a bunch of powerful draugr, including draugr deathlords if you're a high enough level, and so it's not a bad idea to bring Eola along.

Eventually you'll reach the dining hall in the back of the cave (#2), and you'll be attacked by a draugr boss -- possibly a dragon priest -- plus some other draugr. After the battle, Eola will start up a conversation with you (assuming she's with you; if not, then you'll have to wait for her to slowly make her way to you from the entrance of the cave). Eola will tell you that it's time to prepare a "grand feast" to welcome you to the coven, and she'll task you with luring in the main course, Brother Verulus, to the table. She'll also give you 100 gold to cover expenses.

Back in Markarth, you'll find Verulus in the Hall of the Dead. To convince him to come with you to Reachcliff Cave, you'll have to pass a bribery, intimidation or persuasion check -- and since Verulus is greedy, it'll probably be the bribery check.

When you return to the dining hall with Verulus, you'll find that the dinner party has already started, with a few of Markarth's finer citizens in attendance. Eola will then take control of Verulus and lead him to Namira's altar (#3), where he'll fall asleep. When you make it up to the altar yourself, Eola will invite you to "carve" the meal. At this point you'll have to make a choice:
  • If you attack Eola or any of the other dinner guests, then all of the guests will turn hostile to you, and you'll fail the quest, but Verulus will survive, and he'll reward you with some gold.

  • If you kill Verulus and take a bite out of him, then Namira will speak to you and reward you with the Ring of Namira. If you then speak with Eola, she'll welcome you into the coven, and she'll become available as a follower.

    Note: After feasting on Verulus, you'll be able to loot his body. That means if you had to bribe him to get him to come with you to the cave, then you'll be able to get your money back.

1 - Secret Door

This door will only open after you've entered the dining hall (#2).

2 - Dining Hall

3 - Namira's Altar

4 - Book

Inside the shelf here you'll find the book The Black Arrow, v2, which will increase your Archery skill by 1.

  1. Back exit. When you use this exit you'll discover the Reachcliff Secret Entrance on the world map.
  2. World exit.




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