Imperial Legion Quest: Joining the Legion

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To trigger this quest, you'll first need to talk to General Tullius in Castle Dour in Solitude, and tell him that you'd like to join the Imperial Legion. Tullius will remember you from Helgen at the start of the game, and he'll direct you to Legate Rikke, who should be nearby. You'll then need to talk to Rikke.


Rikke will tell you that she has a good feeling about you, but she'll still give you a test to see if you're worthy of joining the Legion. To that end, she'll order you to kill the bandits at Fort Hraggstad so she can install a garrison there.

You'll find Fort Hraggstad located to the west of Solitude. When you get there, you'll encounter bandits both inside and outside, and you'll need to kill them all. This task shouldn't be any more difficult than clearing out a regular bandit den, and so it shouldn't cause you too many problems (except maybe with the bandit chief at #1).

When you return to Rikke after dealing with the bandits, she'll send you over to General Tullius, who will administer an oath to you. Completing the oath will also complete the quest. Afterwards, Tullius will direct you to Beirand at the Solitude Blacksmith, who will give you a light, medium, or heavy set of Imperial armor:

1 - Bandit Chief

On the table next to the chief you'll find the book The Gold Ribbon of Merit, which will increase your Archery skill by 1.

  1. Entrance to the Interior.
  2. Entrance to the Prison.




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