Daedric Quest: The House of Horrors

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As you make your way through the central street in Markarth, you'll witness Vigilant Tyranus quizzing people about an Abandoned House. When he gets to you, he'll inform you that he thinks the house is being used in daedra worship, and he'll invite you to go with him when he searches the interior. If you agree to accompany Tyranus, then you'll trigger the quest.


Inside the Abandoned House, Tyranus will notice some signs of habitation, and then he'll hear a sound and go racing ahead. Shortly after, he'll stop at a locked door (#1), and he'll ask you to look for a way to open it. You won't actually find anything for this, but when you attempt to open the door, you'll begin hearing a daedra, and he will command the two of you to kill each other.

Tyranus will resist the daedra's command and flee to the entrance (Exit W), but the door will be locked, and you'll be stuck inside. Eventually, Tyranus will start attacking you, so even if you don't want to, you'll have to kill him to survive. This will please the daedra, and he will offer you a reward "further down." He will also unlock the door (#1) that stopped you before.

In the back of the house you'll come to an altar (#2). When you attempt to use it or take the Rusty Mace from on top of it, spikes will spring up trapping you where you stand. The daedra will then introduce himself as Molag Bal, the Lord of Domination, and he'll tell you that one of his rival Boethiah's priests has been captured. However, instead of ordering you to kill the priest, Molag Bal will ask you to rescue him, so that he can return to the altar and try to perform one of Boethiah's "insulting" rites on it. This in turn will allow Molag Bal to capture the priest and force him to "bend his knee and give me his soul."

You'll find the priest, Logrolf the Willful, in a random nearby dungeon. You'll have to battle forsworn soldiers inside the dungeon, but these forsworn won't be any more difficult than usual, and so you shouldn't have too much trouble reaching Logrolf. When you get to him, you'll have to pass a bribery, intimidate or persuasion check, but then Logrolf will get up and race over to the Abandoned House to take care of the altar. There isn't any way to warn Logrolf about what Molag Bal has planned for him.

Back in the Abandoned House, Logrolf will get trapped in the altar (#2) just like you did earlier. Molag Bal will then give you the Rusty Mace (which you'll automatically equip) and ask you to "crush the spirit from Logrolf's bones." To complete the quest, you'll have to kill Logrolf three times, using whatever weapon or spell you find most convenient. After killing Logrolf twice, he'll pledge his soul to Molag Bal, and then after the third time he'll be dead for good, and Molag Bal will reward you with the Mace of Molag Bal. There isn't any way to keep Logrolf alive and still complete the quest.

1 - Locked Door

2 - Altar

  1. World exit.




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