Companions Quest: Purity of Revenge

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You'll receive this quest from Vilkas immediately after completing the quest Blood's Honor.


Vilkas will demand vengeance for the Silver Hand's killing of Kodlak, and he'll begin following you so you can wipe them out. You'll then need to travel to the Silver Hand's "chief camp" at Driftshade Refuge, which is located in the mountains to the north of Whiterun (near Dawnstar).

Inside Driftshade Refuge, you'll encounter lots of agents of the Silver Hand, usually in groups of two. Then after fighting your way through the Driftshade Cellar, you'll come to a large room where you'll battle three agents of the Silver Hand, including a boss agent (#4). This battle can be tough early in the game (even if the preceding battles were easy), so make sure you have some healing potions available and that your weapon is charged up.

After defeating the agents, you'll find the Fragments of Wuuthrad on the table where they were sitting (#4). Picking up the fragments will complete the main objective of the quest. We've never noticed any extra reward for finishing off the Silver Hand, but you'll probably do that while making your way to the fragments regardless.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to return to Whiterun. When you do, Vilkas will stop following you, and he'll announce that the other Companions have probably set up Kodlak's funeral pyre by now. This will trigger the next quest, Glory of the Dead.

1 - Barred Door

You'll only be able to unbar this door from the northern side.

2 - Shelf

Inside this shelf you'll find the book The Rear Guard, which will increase your Light Armor skill by 1.

3 - Cage

If you free the werewolf imprisoned in the cage here, then it will simply attack you.

4 - Table

On this table you'll find the Fragments of Wuuthrad. You'll also find the book 2920, Morning Star, v1, which will increase your One-Handed skill by 1.

5 - Table

On this table you'll find the book Warrior, which will increase your Block skill by 1.

  1. Doorway between Driftshade Refuge and Driftshade Cellar.
  2. Doorway between Driftshade Refuge and Driftshade Cellar.
  3. World exit.




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