Daedric Quest: The Cursed Tribe

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The first time you visit the orc fortress at Largashbur (located at the base of the mountains to the southwest of Riften), you'll witness a handful of orcs battling a giant at the front gate. From our experience, the giant will kill off the orcs, including an orc named Ugor, before you can do anything about it, or the orcs will already be dead when you get there. Regardless, afterwards when you talk to Atub on the ramparts above the gate, she'll give you this quest.

Note: You'll need to be at least level 9 to trigger this quest.


Atub will tell you that her tribe of orcs is cursed, and that their leader Yamarz has forbidden them from leaving the fortress. She'll then ask you to bring her a Daedra Heart and Troll Fat so she can perform a ritual to Malacath, the Master of Curses, and plea with him for a cure.

Troll Fat is relatively common. It is dropped by trolls, and you can often find it for sale in alchemy shops (such as Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun). You can also pick one up inside the alchemy hut on the western side of the Largashbur. Daedra Hearts are a little tougher to find. They're dropped by dremora, which you'll only encounter in a few quests in the game (such as Pieces of the Past), and they can also be purchased from Enthir at the College of Whiterun.

When you give the items to Atub, she'll summon Yamarz to the center of the fortress, and then she'll begin the ritual. Malacath will hear her pleas, but he'll call Yamarz a "pathetic weakling" and an "embarrassment," and he'll rebuke Yamarz for allowing giants to overrun his shrine in Fallowstone Cave. Malacath will then offer to remove the curse if Yamarz can claim the giant leader's club. Yamarz will agree to do this, but he'll insist that you come with him to help.

You'll find Fallowstone Cave located a ways to the northeast. When you get there, Yamarz will offer to lead the way through the cave, and he'll ask you to protect him. During your trek inside, you'll pass by some giants (who, like all giants, won't attack you unless you make them mad), but you'll have to deal with some cave bears.

Eventually, Yamarz will lead you to Giant's Grove, where the giant leader has his camp (#3). When you get close to the camp, Yamarz will make you a deal. If you kill the giant for him, then he'll pay you "handsomely." However, this decision won't rally change anything. If you kill the giant, then Yamarz will attack you to prevent his secret from being told. If you refuse the deal, then the giant will kill Yamarz and come looking for you, and you'll have to kill it anyway.

Either way, once the fighting has ended, you'll need to loot Shagrol's Warhammer from the giant. Then to escape from the cave system, you'll need to exit Giant's Grove and follow the left wall of Fallowstone Cave. This will take you to a ledge that will lead you to the waterfall by the entrance, and from there it should be easy to find your way out.

When you return to Largashbur and talk to Atub, no matter what you say to her, Malacath will cut in and insult Yamarz some more. Then Malacath will name Gularzob the new chief of the tribe, and he'll order you to place the warhammer on the shrine in the center of the fortress. When you do so, the warhammer will turn into Volendrung, which you'll be free to take.

1 - Silver Veins

You'll find two silver veins at this location.

2 - Orichalcum Veins

You'll find orichalcum veins in these three spots.

3 - Giant Camp

4 - Shrine to Malacath

  1. Passage between Fallowstone Cave and Giant's Grove.
  2. World exit.




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