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Zandalor's Ruins

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Area Note

The ruins feature a whole mess of locked doors opened by pulling nearby levers. To avoid cluttering the map, and since the match-ups between doors and levers are pretty obvious, we're not going to include that information on the map.

1 - Battlefield Key

When you kill the critter, it will drop a (level 4) battlefield magical key.

2 - Chest

3 - Riddler

Without surprise, the Riddler will ask you a riddle. The answer is "hate," but you won't receive anything for getting the answer right (other than leaving the Riddler available as a shopkeeper and trainer). If you get the answer wrong, then you'll have to fight the Riddler, which can be tough, but he'll be worth around 18,000 experience, and he'll drop some good loot, usually including charms and the unique heavy plate mail ironspike.

4 - Zandalor's Amulet


A. Exit to the Raanaar Ruins.
B. Stairs between levels 1 and 2.
C. Stairs between levels 2 and 3.